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What is WordPress?

But the simple answer to what exactly WordPress is is as follows:

WordPress is an operating system for your website.

Just like your smartphone has an iOS or Android operating system to work, your smart website also needs WordPress.

While WordPress is definitely not the only operating system for websites; it can be said that it is definitely the most powerful operating system available; based on authentic educational articles on what WordPress is and what it is used for, it can be said that among the people who read this article, 32% of all websites are implemented with WordPress! Again we say 32% of all websites!

In order to understand the difference between other CMSs and WordPress, between the first rank held by WordPress and the second rank held by Joomla; The second rank is assigned to only 3% of the websites.

What makes WordPress so popular and what is it used for?

There are several main reasons for this:

  • WordPress is free. You can use this tool without any money.
  • WordPress is open source. This app is a project written by thousands of volunteers around the world. Anyone can contribute to this. Anyone can work with WordPress and help the platform grow.
  • WordPress is very modern. If some of its features are considered standard for website software, you can be sure that WordPress definitely has those features.
  • WordPress is very flexible. This software can be installed on any website. It doesn’t matter if you have a business site, a blog, or an image site, in any case, WordPress can be used in all kinds of websites. You can use this software for collection sites, wedding sites, fitness sites, item listing sites, and even store sites. WordPress is also not difficult to use.
  • WordPress is available to everyone and is user-friendly. Users who have problems with their eyes can easily use this tool with the concepts explained in this tutorial, what is WordPress?
  • WordPress is also used on all devices and different image sizes. You can access this platform through desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone.
  • WordPress is extensible. You can add custom features to WordPress with various plugins. These plugins are like software for your operating system.
  • WordPress is beautiful. There are thousands of free and paid WordPress themes. You can install these themes on your website with just one click through this article of what is WordPress tutorial.

What is the essence of WordPress?

Now it’s time to give a more precise answer to the question of what WordPress is for website design; In short, WordPress is the engine that runs underneath the surface of your website. This tool gives you the ability to change the content of your site, create new posts and pages, and then make sure that your website is displayed correctly on all devices.

Of course, to use these benefits, you need to install WordPress first. So, let’s move on to the next part…

What is worpress, what is WordPress training, how to use WordPress

What do you see when you go to Google and search for “WordPress”?

If you google “WordPress”, you might get a little confused.

Here’s the problem: When you search for this phrase in Google, you see two different categories of results:


Even though common sense dictates that both of these sites are similar, they are different.

In fact, there is a huge difference between them! Their difference is as follows: is a fully commercial online platform. is also an open-source software project that we described above.

So, what is is a solution for people who didn’t necessarily want to work with raw WordPress software but preferred to have someone else do it. Consequently, using, you can create an account; That is, have your own profile and then use a simple version of WordPress that is already installed on the platform’s servers.

You can create a website that is faster than WordPress; You can also add different functions to it (unless you want to spend more).

In short, we recommend that most people use

How to use WordPress and its functionality

Now that you are well acquainted with the concept of WordPress, we will briefly tell you how to start WordPress and then we will introduce you to some other articles that are probably worth reading.

Well, to use WordPress, you must follow one of the following two paths:

Case a) If you want to create a complete website with WordPress:

For this, you need two elements:

  • a domain name; Your website address is determined based on the domain name, such as, 
  • Preparing website hosting, which is the website server; means where your website is going to run.

Although this may sound a bit technical, both tasks are very simple to implement. There are companies that can register your site name on your behalf and also provide you access to the server. They can also install WordPress for you.

Case b) If you want to create a local site for testing:

If you don’t want to run a full site, but just want to work with WordPress a little so that you can learn more about the concept of WordPress, you can install WordPress on a local server.

Now, what is the trick to using WordPress? From a technical point of view, WordPress is a software package. In fact, the only difference between it and other software is that you don’t install it on your computer, but you run it through a website server.

Of course, this path can be a bit difficult, and usually, professional developers choose this path because they want to know how WordPress works. Most users consider case A.

WordPress development and design changes

The first thing most people do in WordPress is to customize the default look and design of their website.

Now what is WordPress development and what is its use? As I mentioned, WordPress is easy to develop and modify; Both in terms of performance and design.

First, let’s review the plugins.

Plugins are small pieces of software that can be installed on WordPress sites that extend the functionality and features of WordPress. There are thousands of free plugins available on the web. You can install different plugins on your WordPress.

In the next part, we will examine the design of the template. In fact, we change the design of the website by installing a theme in WordPress.

Themes are complete design packages that can change the look of your website in just a few clicks. You can install themes on your website just like plugins.

There are thousands of free themes as well as famous stores where you can buy themes.

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