Uploading images for SEO content also has rules that usually people who work in this profession know what these rules are and by producing an article, they adjust the photo accordingly. Maybe according to many people, photos in content and articles are not important and they care more about the text, but since the eyes of all people come across photos before reading articles and content, it can be said that photos are They are very important in SEO content.

But despite all the interpretations, what is SVG and what effect does it have on the contents? Stay with us so that we can explain to you everything that is needed about this issue.

What is SVG?

SVG, which stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, is a factor for better display of images on the website. Specifically, Vector Graphics is a type of vector graphics that stores images in the form of a set of geometric shapes, points, lines, etc. in the cloud for display on the site.

In general, if we optimize images and visual items such as icons, banners, etc., considering this factor, we will see a better and higher quality display of it.

It has happened to all of us that we enter a site and sees that the photos are of very low quality or are slow to load. In general, SVG is used to upload high-quality images on the site, so the higher the quality of the images, the more people will visit the site.

Usually, when you zoom in on the photos on the site, you can see that pixel-like dots appear on the screen and prevent the photos from viewing well. If scientific and important materials that need photos for better understanding are empty from this section, people will go to another site after visiting the sites and the photos are not good or open late.

Because no one is interested in spending time on websites to open or removes the blurring of photos. Also, SVG has a great impact on SEO content. Most people who are looking for the answer to the question of what is SVG, want to optimize their site with the best and latest SEO principles.

What is SVG, how to optimize website images, using the Alt tag of images

What is the impact of SVG on SEO?

As we mentioned in the above section, Google is guided according to a special algorithm and the more high-quality and better the images are, the visits to the site will increase over time and the site will get a good score in Google’s ranking. Of course, it should be noted that SVG images also have features, one of their prominent features is that these photos can be edited.

Of course, we must state that the optimized images in SVG format, unlike normal images that have low quality and are viewed as pixels when zoomed, these images are placed on the site with Google’s mathematical equations and calculations, which can be said to be one of The reasons for their good quality and not being pixelated are the same.

Image optimization, image optimization, SVG effect on SEO

If we want to refer to the above topic or what is SVG, it can be said that the images that are placed on the sites in the form of SVG can also improve SEO content.

It is better to know that the main impact of SVG on SEO is to improve the user experience.

What are the characteristics of SVG images?

We mentioned above that these images have features, one of which is editing these model photos. Of course, there are other features of SVG images, some of which are:

Create a GIF

One of the features of SVG images and their use is creating gifs on the site. Due to their high quality, these images can be placed on the site as gifs and can be seen without blurring or pixelation.

Easy download

SVG images are available on all Google sites that can be downloaded from the Google search engine and easily saved and downloaded. You can find them just by searching for SVG images. Of course, remember to search for the photo in the article you need so that pictures with the same topic will be displayed for you.

last word

In general, various factors are considered in the SEO strategy related to the SEO of images. In this context, we tried to check one of the important things in this regard, it helps to optimize the principles of the site.