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What is SEO strategy?

In this post on What is SEO strategy?, you are going to learn step by step how to formulate and implement a strategy for your site’s SEO; in such a way that it has the greatest effect on improving the site’s ranking and traffic. Many websites that have cooperated with us so far have been able to rank in the top ranks with this SEO strategy. So, if you want to have a better position in Google, I suggest you read the rest of the article more carefully.

First of all, in planning for SEO, you should know that this task (which is also known as the SEO approach and site optimization strategy) is a process of planning, describing, and implementing designed steps that lead to rank improvement. The desired website is ranked in Google results.

In other words, SEO strategies are the principles you follow to get more organic traffic to your website.

Now this strategy can be for your website that you have just launched or it can be for someone else for who you have taken responsibility for optimizing their site; In any case, you have to proceed according to certain principles so that you can reach the top ranks and continue this process all the time.

9 important steps to prepare an SEO plan

Accordingly, we refer to 9 general steps to prepare a complete SEO plan that can be considered for site optimization, which includes the following:

Step 1: Prepare a list of keywords

Step 2: Google first page analysis

Step 3: Produce something special or different

Step 4: Add a hook!

Step 5: Internal optimization of the site

Step 6: Optimize for search intent

Step 7: Make your content look great

Step 8: Building links for site pages

Step 9: Upgrade and update content

It can never be said that site SEO operations can be completed in a certain period. You must act according to a series of steps that make up your strategy, and another important point is that all these steps interact with each other. As a result, be sure to stay with us until the end of the SEO strategy training article.

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Step 1: Review your strategy

If you had a special strategy for your SEO in the past and you achieved a favorable result in some stages, review it and learn from the previous strategy. Don’t underestimate the value of revisiting your initial strategy. Not only is the market and its behavior in a constant state, and if you stay in the same state for another year, your team will gain new experiences that will affect your next strategy.

Go beyond keyword research when planning for SEO. Measure the personality of your buyers and their behavior in the marketing funnel. Pay attention to people who are not central to your business. These people are usually able to influence the things that affect the final success. You may think that everything is in order. But it doesn’t hurt to revisit the strategy. Maybe if you dig more, you will find more diamonds.

Step 2: Define your goals

One of the most important steps in SEO strategy training is setting goals. Measure goals and key performance indicators or KPIs. In a world where results are like finding water in the desert, the easiest way is to aim for more income. Don’t be afraid to set goals. The figures you set as goals for yourself should be achievable.

If your goal is to reach a certain amount of traffic, this amount should be somewhere between the average website traffic and your goal. If your goal is to reach a certain conversion rate, you can use the traffic you want in the target conversion rate.

These goals will give you the clarity to plan for SEO 2023. For example, if your goal is to increase your site conversion rate by X% in 2023, this goal could lead to:

  • Evaluating the minimum amount of rank needed to reach the targeted traffic (and conversion rate) using the current conversion rate.
  • Paying attention to the fact that the conversion rate should be increased and more attention should be paid to the website design and the UX/UI team.
  • Understanding that content should not be aligned with the bottom of the sales funnel and content creation strategy needs inspection.

Once you have defined your goals, do not leave them unused on your desk. Publish them.

In teams that work at home, it is better to spread these goals among each member working on the project. Service agencies should announce these goals to customers face to face and provide them with detailed explanations. This will improve the customer-seller relationship. Everyone should fulfill their responsibilities in line with these goals.

Step 3: Prepare a list of keywords

Needless to say, almost everything in SEO planning hinges on keywords. What do you think is the first step in the process of a professional strategy? Keyword research.

Keyword research can be done in many ways; One of the simplest and most common of them is the use of Google Suggestion, through which you can find phrases that our people search for on Google more than anything else. It is enough to search the keyword of the desired website in Google and you will see that Google offers you its suggestions.

Some people look at this method as very simple and even consider it ineffective; If this is not the case and this technique can be considered one of the best methods for keyword research; Because the suggested phrases come directly from Google itself. If someone rejects Google’s suggestions, know that they don’t know at all what the strategy is for site optimization and how to set a great example of it.

I suggest that you prioritize long-tail keywords in the keyword research process for your website. Because it is easier for them to rank and this feature can help you to create a strong foundation for the site.

In general, any keyword with less competition will be easier to rank for. So don’t miss this opportunity. Of course, you should not forget about the main keywords that should be your main goal in the site optimization strategy.

Therefore, the first step that you should know and do in the training of developing an SEO strategy is keyword research, which should start with long keywords; To implement this process, in addition to Google, you can use free tools that exist in this field.

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Step 4: Google first page analysis

Well, so far in this SEO strategy tutorial, you’ve found your target keywords. Now we have to see what actions have been taken for these key phrases by the competitors.

Choose one of the words you are considering from the list and search on Google. At this stage, you should use your experience and intelligence. Check the strategy of the websites that are on the first page for that keyword. For example, check their titles to understand what instructions you should use in your work process.

Step 5: Produce something special or different

In the third stage of preparing a targeted SEO program, it’s time to produce the highest quality content you can. When it comes to SEO content, you have two options:

  • You can create different content
  • You can publish better content

It is better to examine both “difference” and “superiority” factors…


In formulating a site optimization strategy, after you check the first page of Google, you want to produce content that is much better than the content that is on the first page. It is true?

This is a very good thing, but sometimes it is better to produce content that does not follow the first-page link guidelines and is completely different instead of producing better content.


This trick will help your content to stand out among different websites, and this display will increase the click rate, views, conversion rate, ranking, etc.

Website SEO strategy, SEO planning, SEO program

For example, let’s say you want to create and publish an article about mobile site optimization; If you check the first page of Google, you will see that all the links that are present follow the same guidelines and none of them stand out.

Now suppose a website comes along and puts a title like “100 Mysterious Mobile Site Optimization Techniques” for its article. Maybe the concept of this title does not fit with reason, But it can have such an effect on increasing your income that you will be surprised. Being different is a factor that can be seen in most of the powerful SEO strategies of large projects. So you try to keep different factors in mind in your strategy.


In this part of the SEO strategy training, it is better to know that if you don’t want to be different, you should implement the second option in the site optimization strategy. That is, you must produce and publish content that cannot be compared to the links on the first page in terms of the information it provides.

For example, if you want to introduce the best smartphones of this year, you should analyze and review them one by one from all points of view and present the results to the audience in the best possible way. This is if the other strategy of your competitors is to provide a summary of information about these smartphones.

Step 6: Build backlinks following the principles

Whether you like it or not, there is an urgent need to build backlinks to improve your site’s rank in search results. Reputable sources like Maze still consider backlinks to be the most powerful factor for increasing Google rankings.

So, backlinks are one of the ranking factors.

The main issue in this part of the SEO strategy training article is how should we start building backlinks so that there is no problem with our site strategy.

Part of the comprehensive course of SEO Neoseo training:

Backlinks should be made in such a way that not only Google, but also users cannot recognize that those links were made by you. For this reason, you should create related, unrelated, follow, no-follow, high-quality and low-quality backlinks. A strategy that uses this method will undoubtedly be one of the best SEO strategies.

The reason for the above recommendation is quite clear; You see, the main purpose of backlinks is for Google to realize that the website in question is so valuable that other websites have decided to link to it; What does that mean? This means that Google is not supposed to realize that the links given to your website are fake. For this reason, developing a strategy to optimize the site should be in such a way that the diversity of the backlink format in terms of construction is well respected.

Important note: Be careful that newly launched websites must be at least 3 months old from the publication of their first content and have a rank in SERPs to start building backlinks.

SEO roadmap

Step 7: Optimize for internal SEO

This step of the SEO strategy tutorial is more about optimizing your site’s content for SEO. There are so many internal SEO tips, concepts, and techniques that it is not possible to review all of them in a small part of a strategy layout article for site optimization. For this reason, we limit our focus in this section to content SEO.

At this stage of formulating a strategy that is specific to content SEO, we are not going to deal with the density of keywords; Most of you know how to use keywords in the content text; Or if you don’t know, you can learn with a simple search.

In short, in this section, you should focus on your internal linking system. Still, internal link building is one of the most important parts of SEO and is effective in improving it. Of course, if you pay a lot of attention and concentration in this field.

You see, the philosophy of internal linking is that you link to your other pages from pages that have higher credibility and rank so that they can improve their ranking with the help of your high-ranked pages (of course, this is a general philosophy and you should know that the reasons There’s a lot to do with internal linking that doesn’t transfer credit).

To do this, go to the search console account of your desired site, and select the top pages that exist in terms of input and rank; It is better to always have a list of these pages and update it. Next, you need to check which pages you want to improve. Finally, you link from higher-ranking pages to lower-ranking pages.

You see; Linking between two pages is very simple; But what matters is what pages are chosen for linking.

Step 8: Optimize for the user’s search intent

Of course, those of you who are reading the SEO strategy training article know that the content of a page must be highly compatible with what the user wants. But we want to look at the subject of user search intent from a different angle. Suppose a user searches for the keyword “increase Google traffic” on Google; We produced and published an article in this field at NewSeo; But this content could not be among the top 5 ranks of the first page in the first months of its work; Can you guess what the reason was?

Site optimization strategy training, SEO strategy training, what is SEO strategy

You may think that the content we produced was not of good quality or that we had problems in the process of optimizing it, But it was not like that at all. We produced comprehensive and useful content in the field of SEO principles and explained to users how they can reach rank one using these principles.

However, we were not among the top ranks; after the review and analysis we did, we realized that users who search for the key phrase to increase Google traffic, are not looking to study concepts and principles! They want to quickly see techniques that have a direct impact on increasing their site traffic. For this reason, we rewrote the content text and updated it. After a short time, we saw a very good rank increase for that content. Why? Because we were able to maximize the content match with the user’s search intent.

Google considers this very important and does not include those websites that cannot perform according to the purpose of the search among the ten links on the first page. So, try to look at the purpose of the user’s search like this example, so that the best strategy for you will be formed automatically.

Be careful, if you don’t consider a place for search in developing a strategy for website optimization, that strategy will practically be of no use!

Step 9: Make your content look great

In general, the appearance and design of content are perhaps the least valuable part of the content production and marketing process.

But it does not mean that you should be completely indifferent to the design and appearance of your site content.

What’s the point of producing and publishing great content, when it looks like no user can even look at it in its entirety for a minute?

Be sure that by doing this, you have destroyed an essential part of your strategy. Precisely for these reasons, the top websites spend a lot of money on the appearance and design of their website. Even in some cases, low-quality content that did not provide useful information, with an interesting and attractive design, has been able to attract many users.

Step 10: Building links for site pages

In this part of the SEO strategy training article, you should know that now is the time to actively build links for the content you have produced. To be more precise, in this part of our website optimization strategy, we are going to present 3 methods out of thousands of ways to make backlinks.

Link registration request

You can contact them by sending emails or links that some sites put on their site and asking them in a very professional way to link to a specific page of your website.

Keep in mind that the expression of this content should be such that the other party imagines that he is facing a professional brand and if he gives a link to your site, he has linked to something valuable and useful. In other words, you have to make yourself look very special.

Analysis of competitors’ backlinks

This method is one of the most common and if done correctly and with great care, it can be one of the most effective. In this method, using the tools available in Google, you identify the backlinks of the best sites that have been ranked for your target keyword and start building the same backlinks.

The Backlink Checker tool provided by Ahrefs can be a good starting point.

Registration of advertisement report

Advertising reporting is one of the best ways to build backlinks; But if you have a business that has just started its activity and has not yet reached a high income, the costs may be a bit heavy for you.

An advertisement report is an advertisement text that you produce yourself and usually put 3 links from your website in it; Then you offer a website with a high rank and credibility to publish this advertising post among pages in exchange for a fee.

The production and publication of advertisement reports have their principles that must be followed; Otherwise, not only will it not help you and your site, but it may eventually cause your site to be fined.

Step 11: Upgrade and update content

In the continuation of the SEO strategy training, you should know that currently, updating the content plays a very key role in improving the site’s rank. On this website, the content creation training page is one of the pages that we have improved its rank only by updating the content.

As a result, from the moment you start creating the content of your site, you should think that this content is going to be updated later. So you have to produce its text in such a way that there is no problem in your future work process.

It is interesting to know that few people have realized the importance of updating content among SEO experts. As a result, you can increase your ranking in the best possible way by including it in your SEO plan. Of course, be careful that you should not overdo it in the process of updating the content.

Also, the pages you choose to update must change based on the selected principles and within a certain period. Only in this case, updating the content on the site can help improve the overall rank of the site. In some cases, those websites that have gone too far in updating their content have faced a drop in rank.

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