What does SEO mean?

As you know, search engines want to provide the best possible results in response to their users’ searches; For this reason, they check different pages of websites based on different criteria and determine the score and rank for those pages according to the relevant key phrases.

Therefore, any website that can match the criteria of search engines more than others will have a better chance to appear in the top ranks of search results and, as a result, increase organic input.

site SEO is familiar with all the criteria that search engines use to score sites and can optimize it according to those criteria by making changes on the site and increasing the rank and position of the site in the search results page (SERP). ) Increase.

Necessary skills for SEO

Some people think that an SEO expert is just a content writer and optimizes the site’s HTML meta tags, but this is a wrong belief and an SEO needs a lot of skills to be able to do his job well.

In fact, the best SEOs are people who are skilled in different areas of digital marketing. Basic SEO skills such as content production and SEO and other digital marketing skills such as writing and web design are also considered necessary skills for an SEO job.

Some key skills of SEOs:

  • Find keywords with high search volume
  • Familiarity with HTML language
  • Content SEO (where and how to add keywords to the content)
  • Ability to design visual content (photos and videos)
  • Ability to write advertising content
  • Specifying key pages and creating links for them
  • Adequate understanding of site structure and technical SEO
  • Familiarity with search engine algorithms and their changes
  • Ability to work with SEO analysis tools such as Search Console

SEO job description

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SEO job descriptions vary depending on whether a person works for a digital marketing agency or freelances on a project, but the vast majority of SEO jobs include the following :

  • Developing a content production strategy in accordance with the company’s marketing strategies, to be placed in the top results of search engines.
  • Keyword research in accordance with established strategies.
  • Determining goals that indicate the improvement of marketing activities.
  • Communicate effectively with other marketing professionals to align goals.
  • Creating engaging and quality content, including blog posts and landing pages.
  • Updating the contents of the website.
  • Proper internal and external linking.
  • Analyzing website performance in SEO through Search Console and other SEO tools.
  • Providing SEO technical advice to website developers.

What is the meaning of content production?

The first thing you see in ads or different pages is the content of those pages. In fact, everywhere you look, you will come across content that someone has created. The writing on the back of the pasta envelope, the writing on the t-shirt you are wearing, the news articles that are subtitled on TV, and the photos and videos you see on Instagram are all content.

Therefore, creating content means preparing content to be displayed and presented to visitors so that these audiences, by viewing that content, understand what the page owners meant by creating those pages.

Creating content about businesses can mean creating newsletters, digital marketing materials, brochures, visual or audio items, articles, reports, and many more.

One of the most important things to optimize a site is content. 90% of SEO means optimizing the content of a site. As a result, we felt it necessary to describe the content production in addition to the SEO job description.

An experienced SEO is also an expert content creation expert. To better understand this sentence, read the next chapter.

The relationship between the job of an SEO expert and content production

As they know, the foundation of success in SEO is providing first-class and functional content. As a result, an SEO expert should also be a content creation expert.

A content producer means someone who produces attractive, entertaining, and quality content for the audience. In other words, a content production expert is an employee who shapes the desired information in an entertaining or educational format and then presents it to the public through various digital or traditional media.

A content expert can produce information in different shapes and sizes and it is available to the audience in different ways, but what we must remember is that the important thing is not the format of the information, but the information that is provided.

Now that we have briefly familiarized ourselves with content production and experts in this field, we move on to the next important topic, which is the skills of a content production expert. By examining these skills, you will better understand the relationship between SEO and content creation and you will come to the conclusion why a professional SEO should also be an experienced content creation expert.

Skills needed to become a content SEO expert

Yes. You understood correctly, the combination of these two fields of work can be introduced as a content SEO expert. A person who wants to be a professional SEO should also be a content SEO expert.

To become a content SEO expert, you must also know the skills of a content creation expert. Therefore, we would like to describe the skills needed to become a content production expert.

Having a set of skills and capabilities is a necessary prerequisite for producing quality content required by a content production expert. In the following, we introduce some of the most important and useful skills.

Research: High ability and skill in the field of research and research is one of the main skills needed by these experts in order to be able to obtain the latest and most up-to-date information related to a specific topic as well as links related to this information.

Writing: Perhaps the most important skill needed by people active in the field of content production, especially written content, is the skill of writing. The ability to prepare texts focusing on keywords or key phrases is an important skill in search engine optimization and marketing strategy success.

Editing: Another main skill required for a successful content production expert is editing skills. This skill allows these experts to successfully import their content into various media and platforms.

Imaging: Images, whether in the form of photos or videos, are not only a powerful tool to enhance written content but also serve as the main form of content presentation in many media. That is why familiarity with the principles of imaging and skill in it is one of the success factors in content production.

Graphics: Another very useful skill for a content creation expert is the ability to use graphics tools. This skill has a direct impact on the actual display of production content on web pages.

Planning skills: Success in content production requires planning. Unlike many other marketing methods, success in creating content and achieving tangible results requires time and persistence.

In other words, the content producer must produce the content in a way that fits with the long-term strategy. Preparing a successful long-term strategy also requires correct and principled planning.

How to become SEO?

Being an SEO requires you to constantly update your skills and stay up-to-date with technological developments. You can do this by reading SEO, and internet marketing blogs, and keeping up with changes in search engine algorithms, especially Google’s. You should also invest your time and energy in creating link-building strategies.

In the following, we will mention the methods through which you can become a skilled SEO expert:

Development of skills

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Becoming an SEO expert ideally requires two things: content creation skills and analytical skills. Most SEO professionals today have one and are developing another. SEO experts are skilled and creative writers. For those in the SEO profession, it is helpful to have a strong writing background; Because optimizing the content in a way that Google and the audience understand requires creativity.

Understanding the performance of search engines

As mentioned, search engines have algorithms to rank and rate different web pages. In order to become a site SEO, you must get to know different algorithms and how they work and know what things are considered positive and what things are considered negative.

Additionally, there are three important concepts about how search engines work that you should research and learn about:

  1. Crawl: It is called the crawling of search engine robots to check the content.
  2. index: It is said to place the content of a site in the Google database for a display to users.
  3. Page Rank:  The value of a page based on criteria that search engines care about.

Familiarity with SEO site tools

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There are many tools for SEO, some of which are very useful. The best of these tools are provided by Google, such as Search Console and Google Analytics, which is better for every SEO to be fully familiar with how to work with these tools and extract and analyze the information provided by them, especially mastering Search Console. It is considered very important for a site’s SEO.

Websites like MOZ and Ahref also offer very useful tools for SEOs, some of which you can get very useful information from. For example, from the site explore tool available on the ahref site, you can view the backlinks that have been given to your site along with the source site address and the anchor text of those links.


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