Before we start teaching blogging on Instagram and making money from it, it is better to talk about who a blogger is and what they do, and then describe the basics of blogging.

In general, blogging and the activities of a blogger are the productions of textual, visual, audio, and video content with a specific and popular topic on widely used platforms. Suitable and used topics for blogging are very wide. Some bloggers work in educational and specialized fields, while others work in humor and entertainment fields.

The way of producing content for each field can be different, for example, for people whose blogging topic is specialized educational matters, their content should be in a formal tone, and people who are active in the field of entertainment and humor should use a conversational and spoken tone. do

The more a blogger can have a positive effect on the audience with his content and gain their trust, the more successful he is. In the following, we will fully explain the methods of income from blogging, but one of the most common methods is advertising. A blogger’s audience, if they trust him a lot, will also trust the things he puts on his page for advertising.

In this case, the efficiency of advertising on the concerned blogger’s page will increase and the price of his advertising will also increase. Therefore, attracting a large audience and gaining their trust can have a great impact on the blogger’s success. In this article about teaching blogging on Instagram and making money from it, we will describe all the methods of attracting the audience and winning their trust.

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The basics of blogging on Instagram

Now that you know what blogging is on Instagram and who a blogger is, you have become familiar with how bloggers work. It’s time to learn the basics of blogging.

1. Having a specific topic for blogging

No blogger can be successful and achieve their goals by covering several different topics. Successful bloggers always choose a specific topic that they specialize in and produce content on that topic.

If you don’t specialize in a particular topic, make a list of your favorite topics and see which ones are the best for you to blog about. Then, over time, you can research that topic and improve your information along with your content production and Instagram blogging.

2. Mastery of content production

It doesn’t matter what your blogging topic is and which platform you operate on; You must be able to produce quality and user-friendly content. The ability to produce content is one of the most important principles of blogging. To start learning how to create content for Instagram, you need to learn the following:

  • Producing textual content and attractive writing to influence the audience
  • Captioning in an attractive way
  • Basic familiarity with Photoshop or Illustrator software to produce photos for posts and stories
  • Proficiency in one video editing software such as Premiere or Cometasia (learning Premiere may take some time, so it is recommended to start with Cometasia).

What is an Instagram blogger, a blogger on Instagram, a blogger on Instagram?

3. Formation of the team

After mastering the things related to teaching blogging on Instagram and making money from it, it is unlikely that you will be able to work alone until the end and forever, so with the passage of time and the development of the page, you will need to be more specialized in your activity. Continue and this requires a professional team.

Each member of your team should have the expertise or become proficient in one of the required fields.

For example, one person should be responsible for responding to comments and direct messages, and another person should be specialized in video content production and video editing.

4. Modeling other successful bloggers

Always and in any field, it is recommended to use the experiences of successful people. This also applies to blogging on Instagram; Of course, you should not confuse modeling with copying.

You can get very attractive ideas for creating content on your page by viewing the successful content of other bloggers and using your creativity. You can also learn from the mistakes of a successful person that caused his followers to drop and you will not repeat that mistake.

5. Mastery of working with Instagram

One of the most important requirements for blogging on Instagram is the full ability to work with this platform. For example, you should be familiar with things like correct hashtagging, how to go to Explorer, how the Instagram algorithm works and its updates, how to upload different types of posts and stories, etc.

6. Be aware of the news of the day

This may seem a little strange! You might say to yourself, what does being aware of the news of the day have to do with blogging on Instagram? But the fact is that being aware of the current and trending events and creating a connection between the content and those events can greatly increase content visits.

One of the principles of blogging and the secrets of success for blogging on Instagram is to use your creativity to connect your blogging topic and content with popular and trending news and events.

7. Analysis of audience behavior

Using the Instagram Insight section, you can get detailed information about how your audience interacts with the content of your page. For example, if according to the reports of the insight department, a type of content has received a suitable interaction from the audience, you should try to produce more similar content.

Also, if you find out through Insight that users did not like a certain type of your content, you should no longer spend your resources, time, and energy on creating similar content.

Blogging income on Instagram

Blogger income methods on Instagram

Earning blogging income on Instagram can be done in different ways. Contrary to the belief of many people, blogging income on Instagram is not the only way to advertise on the page; Rather, there are more methods for it, which we will describe below.

1. Earning through advertising

As mentioned, the most common way to make money from Instagram blogging is to insert ads in posts or stories. Bloggers are also called influencers and the meaning of this word (influencer) is influential. The reason for this naming is that bloggers and influencers have an impact on their audience and followers as well as on society.

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The reason for this influence is the trust that the bloggers’ audience has in them, and because of this trust, if a product or service is introduced and recommended by bloggers, the possibility that the audience will buy that product or use the said service is very high.

2. Attracting sponsors

This method is usually used for bloggers with humor and entertainment topics. For example, producers of humorous content on Instagram can introduce a specific brand, company, store, etc. in their content (which attracts many visitors) and receive a sum of money from the company in return for this work. to do Usually, in this method, the sponsor pays all the costs related to content production.

3. Selling products or services

In addition to advertising and introducing sponsors’ brands, bloggers can also sell products or provide specific services in their field of expertise to their audience. For example, there are many free SEO training blog pages on Instagram, which are followed by many people due to the free provision of many SEO-related training items.

Now, these bloggers can earn money by selling SEO training courses or providing services such as SEO consulting.

In this article, we explained the most important principles of Instagram blogging and ways to earn money from it, but the last important thing to mention is that when you start blogging on Instagram, you should never compare yourself with competitors who have been operating for a long time. Do not compare. For example, despite the lack of funds, you may purchase professional equipment to create content.

It is suggested to put aside perfectionism at the beginning and start with the minimum equipment that you can provide. Over time and with increasing followers and of course increasing income, you can gradually purchase professional equipment and even advertisements on other related pages.