Domain authority, or Domain Authority, is a measure in SEO, also known as DA. The validity of the site domain is one of the factors that are considered to check the strength of the site domain. This criterion is provided by one of the most reliable websites active in the field of SEO named MOZ.

The “Domain Validity” factor is not directly provided or confirmed by Google, but since this criterion is provided by a robust website like MOZ, it cannot be ignored or underestimated in any way.

After providing domain authority by MOZ, other websites also tried to provide similar cases, some of which are good cases, but almost none of them can be considered as valid as the domain authority that MOZ provides; Except Domain Rating related to Ahrefs website and Authority Score provided by Semrush tools. These are similar to the domain authority of the MOZ website, and like it, they have high credibility and value.

What is the impact of domain authority on SEO?

According to the MOZ website, Domain Authority is not a Google ranking factor and has no effect on search results. But this claim cannot be fully accepted; Because we know that one of the most important factors for Google to rank websites in search results is the number and quality of backlinks that websites have received, and since the most important criterion for increasing the credibility of a site’s domain is the quantity and quality of backlinks. its links, domain authority cannot be considered ineffective in SEO and website ranking.

Of course, keep in mind that Google examines many factors to rank sites, and the mere fact that a site’s domain authority rating is higher than its other competitors cannot place it in a higher position on the search results page.

How is domain authority calculated?

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The validity of the site’s domain is calculated by evaluating several factors, including the number of backlinks of the website in question (the number of links that are given to the site in question from other sites). Also, the domain validity of the source websites of these backlinks can be effective in increasing the domain validity of the link’s destination website.

In the discussions related to domain authority calculation, the interesting thing is that because the number related to domain authority is a number between 1 and 100, if a website with high domain authority receives a large number of backlinks, maybe the domain authority will increase to some extent. Include it, but the main thing is that the domain authority of other websites decreases.

In other words, if a site with a domain authority rating of 87 receives one million new backlinks, the domain authority of the site in question will increase to 88, and the authority of other sites with the same topic will decrease. That is why it is much easier to increase domain authority in low numbers (for example, from 10 to 20) than to increase this factor in high numbers (for example, from 80 to 90).

As you must have noticed by now, the only criterion for calculating domain authority is not the backlinks of a site. MOZ uses machine learning technology to calculate the domain validity of sites. In simple terms, this technology examines successful sites and sets them as a benchmark for other sites, and based on this comparison, it determines the amount of DA or domain validity of a site.

In general, it can be said that the most important criteria used by the MOZ tool to check domain validity and determine it is the following:

  • The number of effective and quality links given to the domain.
  • The amount of quality content that is considered on the site.
  • The age of the domain and how long that site has been available.
  • The amount of traffic the site receives.

Understanding the validity of the site domain

To find out the validity of the site domain, using the MOZ website is considered the best method. MOZ provides its users with many tools to check various invoices from websites, in some of which you can also view the DA of the site among other things. To find out the validity of a site’s domain, you can refer to the following tools on the MOZ website. In these tools domain validity. it is also visible.

  • Link Explorer
  • MozBar browser extension
  • Keyboard Explorer (Keyword Explorer)
  • Campaigns
  • Moz API

To find out the validity of the site’s domain, for example, you can use the Link Explorer tool of the Moz site with the address as shown in the image below.

moz link explorer
moz link explorer

How much is a good domain name?

Since the domain authority rank indicates the potential and ability of a site to rank in the competitive field of that site, you should pay attention to the domain authority score of the sites that compete with you on the search results page when checking the validity of the domain. Try to increase the validity of your domain from them.

Because Domain Authority Rank is a relative measure, there is no such thing as a good, average, or bad domain authority score. In other words, the good, average, or bad reputation of the site’s domain is determined by a specific competitive framework.

Ways to increase domain authority

Domain authority is determined by many criteria, so it is difficult to directly influence it. But in general, the best way to increase the credibility of the domain is to improve the overall SEO of the site with a special focus on the quality and quantity of backlinks.

Changes in the authority domain

Sometimes, after checking the validity of your site’s domain, you may encounter a sudden or gradual decrease in domain authority, or you may not see a particular increase in the validity of your domain after getting many quality backlinks. In the following, we will state the most important reasons for each.

Reasons for reducing domain authority

  1. Sites with very high domain authority have created a lot of quantitative and qualitative growth in their backlinks and have affected the scaling process.
  2. You are at the bottom of the scale, so you will get the most impact from the fluctuations. (This case also applies in connection with increasing DA)
  3. Reconstruction and updating of methods and criteria for calculating domain authority by MOZ.

Reasons for not increasing the validity of the domain

  1. The quality backlinks you have recently created are not yet listed in MOZ.
  2. The sources from which you received backlinks do not play a role in Google ranking and are not indexed.
  3. In the same period that you have created a lot of quality backlinks, your competitors have performed better in external SEO than you.

View the domain validity history of a site

Sometimes, websites with different goals use tricks that suddenly increase the domain authority of their site. This practice is called “increasing the credibility of the domain in the form of a fake”. This may be done with goals such as selling the desired domain at a higher price or increasing the price of reporting on sites that publish reporting.

There is no exact way to tell if a website’s domain authority has grown naturally or not. But usually, in unnatural methods, the sudden and sharp growth of domain authority rank is observed. You can use online tools History of Domin Authority or History of domain authority to see Saudi or downward trends of site domain authority. Like the tool in the address:

In this tool, a graph like the image below is presented, which shows the progress or regression of the domain authority of a particular website in the last years. If in this graph, you notice that the validity of a domain has increased significantly in a short period of time, it can be assumed that it has faked the validity of its domain.


Of course, note that the mere existence of sudden growth in this graph is not the reason for the validity of the site’s domain being considered fake, and this event may have been formed after things like heavy reporting campaigns.

In the end, our suggestion to you is that instead of being overly sensitive about the domain authority factor and regularly checking the validity of your site’s domain, try to focus as much as possible on improving all internal and external SEO criteria. By doing this, the credibility of your domain will increase gradually and naturally. Do not forget that the validity of the site domain is only one of the criteria for checking the strength of the site domain.