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What is a whois site?

What is Whois?

ICANN companies (the main Internet domain registration companies) register information about the natural or legal owners of Internet domains and update them if they change. Other people can access this information by using the whois service to check a site’s domain. In the rest of this article, we will provide more explanations about this service and explain what the use of the whois site is.

What is a whois site?

In the above section, we briefly explained what the whois site is, now we will give a complete answer to this question. As mentioned, the main domain registration companies, which are under the name of ICANN, in a decentralized database called whois database, store a lot of information about registered internet domains, information about their owners, communication, and contact methods. With the owners, they store the registration method, domain registrar intermediary company, etc. to check the information of the sites.

Checking site information, checking the domain of a site, what is site whois

In response to the question of what is a whois site, it can be said that it refers to sites that have access to this database, or in other words, have a whois service.

These sites can provide the information available in the whois database to their users. You can use these sites to get the domain information you want.

Whois service data includes all contact information related to a person, group, or company that has registered a specific domain name, and domain host information is considered. Typically, each Whois record contains information such as the name and information of the domain owner, the name and information of the registrar (the organization or business entity that registered the domain name), the registration date, and the domain’s expiration date. Also, the date of the last information update can be seen by the whois service.

Note that the visibility of some information on whois sites is not only unnecessary but may also have disadvantages; For this reason, you can disable the display of some information when registering your domain. But in no case do not enter false information when registering the domain; Because if you need authentication, you will face a problem.

What is the use of the whois site?

Using the whois site is usually done to get domain information. For example, if you want to know if a domain is free or registered, you can use the whois service and check the information of the site in question if its domain is registered.

Whois service, what is the use of the whois site, getting domain information

You may also want to buy a registered domain from its owner, in this case, you can view the owner’s contact information through whois sites and contact him for purchase. In addition to the above, if you want to know the expiration date of a domain, the whois site will provide you with this information.


The use of the whois site in SEO site

In the above section, we explained the general uses of domain whois information, but it is better to know that this information is also used in the field of site analysis for SEO; This is the reason why there is usually training for working with whois sites in the topics of SEO training.

The use of whois in SEO is when you want to analyze and check a site. By getting whois from a domain, in addition to the things mentioned so far, things like the location of the host and the web server of the desired site, whether it is shared or exclusive, the use or non-use of CDNs, etc. can be accessed in whois sites. are.

The mentioned information can help SEOs a lot to succeed in competing with other sites.

Status codes in the whois service

After getting domain information by whois sites, you will see status codes in the corresponding report, some of these codes are related to the server and some are related to the domain owner. Below we describe some of the most important whois status codes.

Checking site information, checking the domain of a site, what is site whois

Server status codes

  • OK status code: This code indicates that the domain is active and states that there is no problem in the domain’s working process.
  • Pending Transfer status code: This code is displayed when the domain in question is transferring ownership.
  • Redemption Period status code: This code indicates that the domain has expired, but the owner still has the opportunity to renew it. This mode will be active up to 30 days after the expiration date of the domain, and then it will enter the pending delete status. (The duration of the Redemption Period mode varies based on the desired domain extension. For example, public domain extensions such as com will only last 5 days in this mode)
  • Pending Delete status code: This status code indicates that the domain renewal period is about to expire, and if it is not renewed, it will soon be freed for re-registration.

Owner status codes

These codes are registered by ICANN subsidiary companies on the domain in question. This information is related to the customer of these companies and has nothing to do with the server and domain registration company.

  • Client Hold status code: This code shows that the domain in question is registered but not active. In this case, the reason for domain inactivity will be displayed along with its own code next to the client hold code.
  • Client status code Renew Prohibited: This code is displayed when the domain owner does not have permission to renew it.
  • Client Update Prohibited status code: In this case, the domain owner will not be allowed to make any updates and changes on his domain.
  • Client Transfer Prohibited status code: This code indicates that the owner cannot transfer the domain.

What is the best whois site?

As mentioned, many sites may have access to the whois service and can provide you with relevant information. In the following, we will introduce some options that are more popular among users as the best whois site. Note that checking the domain of a site with its extension and international extensions, you must refer to different websites.

The best whois site for international domains

  • com/Whois.aspx
  • com/whois
  • is
  • com/whois
  • com/whois
  • com/whois-lookup

The best whois site for domains

  • Namecheap
  • Hostinger
  • Hostgeter
  • Creativebak
  • com/whois

On this page, we explained what the whois site is and how to check the site information or get the domain information. Note that when checking a site’s domain through even the best whois site, you may not see much information. The reason for this is the domain owner’s blocking of information to be displayed in the whois service.


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