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What is a virtual server or VPS?

What is a virtual server or VPS?

What is a virtual server? In short answer to this question, it can be said that a virtual server or VPS is part of a dedicated server. In other words, a virtual server is a computer in a data center that is online without interruption and the information in it can be accessed through the Internet.

Virtual servers have the same features as a dedicated server, but because a dedicated server can contain several virtual servers, it is much cheaper to get a virtual server than a fully dedicated server. Before we fully say what a virtual server is, it is better to first familiarize yourself with the meaning and concept of a server.

What is a site server?

The site server is a very powerful computer that stores website information, including code files such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc., and media files such as images and videos. This computer is connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, and it is possible to access the files in it at any time. This is why websites are always accessible at any time.

If a server is shut down for any reason or its connection to the Internet is interrupted, the website or websites whose information is on the considered server will also be unavailable and will not be loaded.

The way the server works is that by entering the address of a website page, only the information necessary to load that page is loaded in the user’s browser, and not all users have access to all the information available on the server of a website. Rather, they can only see the information and files that the owner or designer of the site has allowed.

These servers can be physically located in any location. Virtual servers whose main server location is in Iran are known as Iranian virtual servers. Now that you have the necessary information about the server, we will answer the question of what is a virtual server.

What is a virtual server?

In fact, dedicated servers have RAM, CUP, etc. These servers can be divided into several parts and allocate some of their configuration and resources to each of these parts. In simple words, each of these parts, which consists of a dedicated server, is called a virtual server.

If it is difficult for you to understand the above and you have little knowledge in this field, in simpler terms, in answer to the question of what is a virtual server, when a real computer turns into several virtual computers, each of these computers Virtual servers are known as virtual servers.

What is VPS, dedicated server, website server?

If you still don’t understand what a virtual server is, imagine a big and expensive palace whose land and infrastructure are dedicated to building several simple residential units. Now, instead of having a big and expensive building, you will have hundreds of simple and cheap housing units that you can rent to someone else.

As the number of virtual servers created in a dedicated server increases, the value and features of said virtual servers decrease.

For example, a large number of virtual servers in a dedicated server can reduce things like bandwidth and the loading speed of the website.

Of course, if you get a virtual server, you can allocate dedicated bandwidth to your virtual server by paying a little more. This is possible using server virtualization technology. On the other hand, virtual servers have limitations compared to dedicated servers that cannot be fixed, and for this reason, their cost is much lower than dedicated servers.

What is a Linux virtual server?

Like all computers, site servers also need an operating system such as Windows, Linux, or Mikrotik for better information management. What is meant by Linux virtual server? A virtual server for which the installed operating system is Linux is known as a Linux virtual server.

What are the uses of a Linux virtual server?

Linux virtual server is very suitable for websites written in PHP language (such as WordPress websites). The Linux operating system is an open-source or open-source operating system, and for this reason, you can install many plugins and software on your Linux virtual server.

What is a Windows virtual server?

Windows virtual server is also called a virtual server whose operating system is Windows. This type of virtual server is used for sites written in language. Therefore, since the language related to WordPress is PHP, it can be said that Windows virtual server is not suitable for WordPress sites.

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What is Iran’s virtual server?

As mentioned, Iran’s virtual server is a server whose location is in Iran. If you are familiar with SEO training topics, you know that website loading speed is one of the important factors of SEO, and websites that have good loading speed can get a better position in the search results of search engines like Google. Even hundredths of seconds are important for SEO when it comes to website loading speed.

The closer the virtual or dedicated server of a website is, physically and geographically, to the target users of that website, the better the load speed will be provided to those users. Therefore, it is suggested to Persian language sites, whose majority of the audience is from Iran, use Iran’s virtual server.

What is a free virtual server?

As you have probably realized by now, providing a virtual server can have many costs, including the purchase of a dedicated server, costs related to the location of servers and their maintenance, costs related to support and support people, etc.

But considering the mentioned costs, how do some companies offer free virtual servers? As mentioned, the more virtual servers are created on a dedicated server, the lower the quality of those virtual servers.

Some companies create thousands of virtual servers on a dedicated server and offer them to people at a very low price or even for free, and they earn their money from methods such as advertising, but these servers are of high quality. and very low security, not recommended at all.

Of course, in the discussion of free virtual servers, some companies offer their quality servers for testing customers for free and for a very short time.

On this page, we explained what a virtual server is and how it differs from dedicated servers. According to the size of the website you are planning to launch or if you want to change its server and things like the programming language of the site in question, you can get virtual or dedicated servers with different operating systems.

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