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The importance of SEO on the site development

If you are looking for an SEO checklist that will help you increase your site's traffic and organic ranking in Google, in this article we want to provide you with a basic and complete checklist for 2023 based on the latest SEO tips and techniques. to present

The importance of SEO on the site is generally related to increasing the number of visits and sales of the site. For the success of a website, its managers must know the reasons why SEO is important and use important SEO metrics. If you are an internet business owner, marketing manager, or just someone who is interested in the world of e-commerce, you should know well what SEO is and how important it is in websites and internet businesses.

Those who are active in this field have a different level of understanding about SEO. Some are fully aware of technical issues and some only know its essentials and need more SEO training. But almost all of them are aware of the importance of SEO on the site.

At all levels, measuring and understanding user search data is a very important metric. As you may know, you can’t judge your progress based solely on your site’s ranking on the search results page. But there are other simple methods that can affect the SEO of your internet business. In this article, we want to provide you with the best measures of SEO effectiveness and their technical and commercial evaluation.

Reasons for the importance of SEO

To know the reasons why SEO is important in online businesses and websites, we will examine what events you will experience if you optimize your site for search engines or implement SEO.

1. Attract targeted users to the website

It must have happened to you that you want to search on Google about the product you want to buy or the service you need. For example, imagine that you need a psychoanalyst with certain specifications. You search for the term “Roman writer” in Google along with the required specifications, on the first page of the search results, about 10 links (pages) related to the term you searched for are suggested to you.

After checking and reading the titles of the pages in the search results, you will probably choose one of the first 3 Google offers (most likely the first offer or the first link) and enter the page in question. On that page, there is interesting information about the calculator you are considering and of course, the button to buy this calculator online.

In your opinion, how likely is it for you and people like you who have searched for the relevant phrase in Google to buy from that site? This is definitely a very high possibility; Because a person who searches the name of a product in Google, most likely intends to buy that product or wants to buy it in the future.

The fact that the site with the keyword Rohan Novis is Google’s first offer to users will definitely have a great impact on the amount of traffic to that website and its sales (if the customer conversion tips are followed). This is one of the most important reasons for the importance of SEO on the site. In other words, SEO causes people who are looking for content on your site to enter your website and realize your goals from creating your website.

2. Branding through SEO

Another important aspect of SEO on the site is branding. Imagine you have a website selling luxury watches. In the blog related to your website, you have created attractive and comprehensive content related to all kinds of luxury watches, and using SEO principles, you have brought your website pages to the top Google results with related keywords.

Users who search for different watches will see your brand name and website in the search results, and this will make your brand become a well-known brand in the field of luxury watches among users over time.

To make sure that SEO is well implemented on your website, you should pay special attention to the SEO business criteria and other things mentioned below.

Before we begin, we should point out that this article used Google’s own demo account for screenshots. Each of the items discussed in the following article are commercial SEO criteria; Data that matters to all those who operate in business. If you need more information, you can use other sources or use the trial version of Google Analytics.

Organic site traffic

Organic traffic is one of the simplest methods and perhaps the easiest method to understand the SEO efficiency of your site. Having day-to-day traffic from search engines is one of the most important metrics for any marketer, and any increase in targeted traffic will increase your site’s SEO ranking in the search (excluding seasonal changes).

In a world where data is the main factor in decision-making, these features are very important and are one of the main parts of users’ internet sessions; These sessions can be for finding answers, shopping, or any other work.

In Google Analytics, you should go to Acquisition -> All Traffic -> Channels. From this section, you can see the organic traffic received in a certain period of time.

The importance of SEO, the importance of SEO on the site, the review of business SEO

You may be asking yourself, how can you get more information? Google previously blocked access to keyword data in 2011, but now you can get more detailed information about organic search traffic and explore the different locations and landing pages related to it.

Filter organic traffic based on the landing page

Not all traffic to your site comes from the homepage. Rather, some users enter directly to your blog or specific landing pages. But for some searches, such as searches for your company name, the home page is probably the most important option.

To understand the difference in traffic between different parts of your site, you can select “Landing Page” and check the new data, which is categorized by the URL of the page.

Reasons for the importance of SEO, internet business SEO, site SEO criteria

Filter organic traffic based on location

In the same section, organic search data can also be broken down by location. For example, based on different cities; Based on this, you can get more information about your search traffic. Depending on how your business operates, the locations displayed may be from the same country or from different countries. If you have optimized your site for specific users in a region, you can check the efficiency of your efforts from this section.

Technical SEO criteria

The importance of SEO, the importance of SEO on the site, the review of business SEO

Earnings, Conversions, and Internet Business Goals

In most cases, a website is used to convert regular users into customers. For example, your site may be designed to sell products, download files, or acquire potential customers.

The importance of SEO on the site and its impact on your business goals, whether these goals are financial goals or designed solely to acquire potential customers.

For revenue-based data, you should go to the conversions section in Google Analytics and then check the product performance (sales volume). In this section, you can select the information you want based on the source/medium filters to identify the sales obtained from search engine traffic.

The importance of SEO, the importance of SEO on the site, the review of business SEO

Your goal may not be based solely on income, for example, your goal is to complete and submit the registration form by the user or to persuade him to download a file. In this case, the customized filters and analyses available in Google Analytics can help you identify the activity of visitors who entered your site through the search engine.

In the conversions section, your goal completion source can be categorized based on different traffic sources, and in this way, you can only evaluate your organic search, for example.

If a visitor finds your site through search and then buys something or provides you with their details, it is clear that you have reached the right audience.

If you are constantly receiving organic traffic and these contacts are not doing anything special, it is clear that the keywords you are ranking for are not suitable for you or your audience.

SEO activities should be focused on reaching the right audience; Because it is possible that you can find the first position in the search for a phrase, “for example, cat food”, but you yourself are a seller of dog food! In this case, your optimizations have not been useful at all.

Visibility in search and local results

In case your business has a website or a physical store, you can use this tool in Google My Business to check your performance in search results and even beyond. Specifically, you can understand the following:

  • How to find customers for your business
  • The way someone sees your business
  • Specific activities they do

The better SEO you do, the more users will do the activities you want! See the picture below!

The importance of SEO, the importance of SEO on the site, the review of business SEO

The importance of SEO, the importance of SEO on the site, the review of business SEO

The importance of SEO, the importance of SEO on the site, the review of business SEO

Average site rank in search results

Calculating the average ranking for key terms in search engines is usually a convenient way to evaluate the overall performance of your site. But simply searching your site on Google and summarizing your performance may not be very accurate. A personalized search based on your search history and location does not necessarily reflect your exact position in search results.

There are a variety of tools that will help you determine your site’s average rank for a specific term. A free way to do this is to use Google Search Console with a free tool like SEMRush or Ahrefs, which enables you to check your average rank distribution as well.

Now that tracking ranking in search results has become more difficult; Measuring the average position is the best way to understand the relationship of search impact and ranking with your business.

The importance of SEO, the importance of SEO on the site, the review of business SEO

The importance of SEO technical criteria on the site

When it comes to technical SEO, you need to peel back the surface layers and look at clicks and traffic. This will help you get a more general picture of your SEO performance. You can also identify more opportunities to improve your site’s SEO.

Ensure correct index of pages

Making sure your website is properly indexed is one of the most important parts of SEO. Because if only part of your site or the wrong pages are indexed, then your overall performance will be greatly reduced. Despite the fact that a small part of the overall work of SEO is related to checking the index, some say that this part is the most important part of the importance of SEO on the site.

One of the fastest ways to do this is to write the command “: site” and put the URL of your site’s main page after it. In this way, you can see the number of pages that are in the Google search engine index.

To check the status of a specific page in Google, Google Search Console is the best option. The latest version of Search Console provides a quick way to evaluate results.

The importance of SEO, the importance of SEO on the site, the review of business SEO

Search crawl error

Along with checking what pages are crawled, every website owner should always look for what pages are not indexed. It should also check what Crowley errors have been reported by Google. These errors usually occur because access to a page is blocked or the page format is not crawlable.

You can go to the “Coverage” tab in the Google search console to check the nature of the errors and their relevance to your pages. If you see a big zero; That means there is nothing to worry about.

The importance of SEO, the importance of SEO on the site, the review of business SEO

Click rate (CTR) and bounce rate

In addition to checking the ranking conditions of your site, another criterion that you should consider is how many times your site has been clicked in the SERPs. Basically, this issue shows the percentage of impressions from your site that led to the display of your site in the search results.

This percentage shows how relevant your ranking is to the original search term and how well your results rank compared to your competitors.

If people like the title they see in the search results and can easily find your site, they will probably click on the link on the page and your site visits will increase.

Google Search Console is one of the best sources to get the correct data. You should select the performance tab and then check the CTR section to check the data based on the search term, landing page, source country, or devices used by the users.

The importance of SEO, the importance of SEO on the site, the review of business SEO

If someone lands on your website, you need to make sure the page they are shown is relevant to their search. Because search algorithms love to reward topical relevance! If this page does not contain the information required by the user or is not compatible with him, the user will probably leave your site and find a better source. Without doing anything. This issue is introduced with the concept of bounce rate.

In some cases, the visitor may only need one visit to your site. As a result, bounce rate is not important in this situation. You should make sure that you always check the criteria with the overall context in mind so that you can get accurate information.

Mobile site compatibility

In 2015, it was widely stated that mobile site compatibility is a ranking factor. This issue is to evolve the behavior of browsers in relation to mobile traffic. Because now the traffic generated from mobile devices is more than desktop and tablet devices.

Another report in Google Search Console provides a clear picture of your site’s compatibility with mobile devices and also shows its problems. You should keep in mind that this metric does not show whether your site is effective in converting mobile users or not; Rather, it only checks the compatibility of the site with mobile.The importance of SEO, the importance of SEO on the site, the review of business SEO

Track your own metrics and listen to the data

As stated at the beginning of this article, decisions are made based on data. In all areas of business, data is always important. In terms of SEO, a complete understanding can only be created through the use of different data, and many positives and negatives can be identified from the data.

Finally, data such as traffic, rankings, and conversion rates are usually very important. You should always keep these criteria in mind in your decisions.

As an SEO or digital marketer, you must understand the importance of SEO on the website and internet business and know how data can evolve the progress of a business and how to identify and report successes and opportunities based on them.

SEO and its similarities to medical science

Using similarities between two topics always helps to understand them better. In this article, we want to use this topic and explain the importance of SEO for websites and internet businesses as the last topic of SEO:

Content production and sports

The most important factor to progress in the digital world and gain more credit than competitors is to produce quality and useful content. Just as exercising purposefully and with a plan makes us have a healthier body over time, producing quality and daily content also makes the site progress.

In continuation of this similarity and what is the importance of SEO for the site, we can say that just as starting a sport is difficult and becomes easier over time, content production is also time-consuming and difficult at the beginning of work, but when it is done continuously, it will be easy to swallow.

SEO specialist and doctor

When we all feel a little bored or decide to live a healthier lifestyle, we go to a specialist doctor to guide us with his vast knowledge and expertise. In the web world, when we want to optimize our site, we go to an SEO expert.

Just like a doctor asks you questions about your physical condition and sometimes even writes a test before giving you a solution, an SEO expert also checks it first in order to give you the best advice to improve your site’s SEO status.

Technical SEO and healthy eating

The most essential factor for the success and improvement of a person’s physical condition in medical science is to have a healthy diet. Unless you eat the foods you need, no matter how much you exercise, you will not get the desired results. Technical SEO also plays the same role for the site and is the most important factor for its success.

In general, in medicine and health, there are factors that indirectly affect health, and usually, once and for all, you must take action to do or consider it. Technical SEO is the same. In technical SEO, source optimization is usually done once and its effect remains on the site continuously.

Social networks and food supplements

The fourth issue that we examine in response to the question of the importance of SEO for the site is the similarity between social networks and food supplements. We all need nutritional supplements such as vitamins to keep our bodies at their best. The role of social networks for the site is the same.

As for our body, consuming food and fruits alone is not enough, creating content is not enough for a site to progress and climb to the top ranks in Google. In addition to producing good and high-quality content, you should also introduce your site on social networks to get better feedback.

Social networks can always indirectly increase visits, increase the credibility of pages, and generally increase site income.

Specialized drugs and buying reports, ads, and backlinks

One of the wrong mindsets among site managers is that for faster progress, we should buy backlinks and report advertisements. A doctor will not prescribe you a specialized medicine as long as other treatment methods are effective.

An SEO expert also believes that there is no need to buy backlinks or ad reports as long as other ways to improve and get ranked in Google are responsive. Usually, doctors first try methods and drugs that are recommended for ordinary people and do not have a high dose, but when the patient’s condition is difficult, the doctor must prescribe specialized drugs. Compared to the SEO of the site, we must say that when the site reaches certain conditions, you should apply for reporting and buying backlinks.

Website redesign and last resort

And finally, as long as your site still has room for improvement, there’s no need to redesign it and start from scratch, but sometimes the area might be really out of shape and you’ll have to start on a new platform. Now, compared to medical science, this stage can be considered the stage of organ donation. When all the treatment methods have been done but no results have been obtained, a new organ should be donated. On the site, when the source encounters a problem, the only thing to do is to redesign the site.


SEO or search engine optimization is one of the important factors in the success and growth of websites. The main goal of SEO is to improve the site’s ranking in the search results of search engines such as Google. By optimizing the site, more users can access the site and increase its traffic. Also, by improving the dynamics of the site and improving the page loading speed, users can access the site easily and without problems. Another important SEO for the site is to increase the credibility and trust of the users on the site. When the site has a good ranking in the search results, users trust it more and the probability of entering the site and using its services increases.

By optimizing the site, it is possible to compete with similar competitors and attract new customers. In today’s world, the competition in the online market is very fierce and SEO can help you to be among the competitors and boost your business. By increasing the ranking of the site in the search results, the promotion and marketing facilities on the Internet are also provided. By using SEO, you can appear in search results for free and reduce your advertising costs. As a result, SEO is one of the important and basic solutions for the growth and development of sites and you should improve your site with importance and attention to it.


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