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Fixing Google search console errors

Fixing Google search console errors

Fixing Google search console errors or former webmaster tools and how to fix them are perhaps one of the biggest challenges faced by SEOs. For example, keeping track of 12,000 error messages that appear in the Search Console can make you frustrated with rooting out these (seemingly unsolvable) errors. The key to solving the problem […]

What is local SEO? 2023

How to set up google business profile

Local SEO is very efficient and useful in marketing and increasing customers. If you plan to develop your small market in the world of the Internet and Google search engines, local SEO is very useful for you. When you follow the principles of SEO in local search, your website visitors will increase and if you […]

External SEO and its valuable techniques 2023 part 2

SEO techniques in 2023

Website SEO is divided into two general categories: internal SEO and external SEO. Many Google users think that the external SEO of the site is only related to the activities that are done regarding link building. But be careful that external SEO is actually more than link building. To better understand this issue, in this article we will […]

20 specialized SEO techniques in 2023

SEO techniques in 2023

SEO techniques are the best and fastest methods that can be used to increase the rank of a website. If you intend to improve the ranking of all pages of your site, we suggest that you use the most specialized SEO techniques presented in this article in your work process. There are many, many factors that […]

SEO principles for beginners 15 important and practical principles

SEO principles for beginners 15 important and practical principles

SEO is the foundation of a successful business. Understanding the principles of SEO is necessary to start working in this field. Considering that about 51% of site traffic is attracted naturally, the high ranking of the website in Google search results has a great impact on its success and traffic increase. If you are a newbie in the field of optimization, […]

How to get on the first page of Google in a short time

Being on the first page of Google in a short time

Being on the first page of Google has been one of the main and most challenging concerns of SEO experts. Being on the first page of Google is only possible if you use SEO techniques in the best possible way. About 75% of people do not scroll down the page when they are looking for something on Google and […]

keyword research and How it works?

keyword research

Keyword research is the most important and first step that any SEO and marketing strategy needs. As you know, without having the right keywords, it is impossible to get a good ranking in Google. Imagine that you have valuable content or that you intend to provide very wonderful services; If there were no keywords, how could you share your business activities […]

What is SEO? 

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Today, it is the same question that is asked in all branches of the Internet and digital marketing businesses. In short, it can be said that website optimization or SEO causes a site to be displayed in a higher position by search engines such as Google, that is, on their search page to people who […]

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