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How to create backlinks in 2023

how to create backlinks in 2023

 we will describe the most unique techniques as backlink-building. If you have followed my articles, I hope they will be of interest to you and you will use it in the best possible way. I know that soon this extremely useful and valuable article will be published on SEO, news, etc. 

What is an external link?

An external link is a super link that points to any website other than the domain the link is on (the source). Simply put a link on a web page that connects to a page on another website. External links have a greater impact on search engine rankings than internal links; Because they are valued by search engines as an external and popular vote of confidence on a web page.

Important factors in external linking

The main search engines use many criteria to determine the value of external linking, below are 8 of the most important ones:

  1. Relevance of links: External links must point to relevant content. This helps search engines create knowledge centers on the Internet that they can use to validate the importance of a web document.
  2. Increasing links over time: Using external links massively and simultaneously is a very wrong thing to do. Gradually increase the number of links.
  3. Use a trusted page: Getting links from trusted sources such as home pages of university websites or some government web pages is a strong confirmation of trust.
  4. Link to popular pages: A popular page is a page that many other quality websites are linking to.
  5. Use of anchor text: Anchor text maintains the flow of your page and encourages users to visit the page. Be careful that excessive use of anchor text causes the site to be penalized by search engines.
  6. Links should be editorial: When it comes to SEO, getting quality links that you didn’t ask for (editorial) is a goal for all of us. The content of the site should be so valid and attractive that other sites link to it without paying.
  7. Links must be clickable: In addition to increasing the site’s ranking in search results, the link you create must have the ability to refer the user to a valid site. Additionally, it is important that the text of the link makes sense without surrounding sentences or content, and alone should convey the function and purpose of the link.
  8. Use no-follow links in addition to following links: Do not limit yourself to follow links in link building and use no-follow links as well, because most sites do not intend to give credit to other sites, and for this reason, links They use follows; As a result, you should also act like them.
  9. Use reputable sites: The purpose of getting backlinks from other sites is to increase the ranking in Google and SEO of the site, so you should give your links to reputable and big sites in your field to get the most results. Be ambitious and don’t be afraid to ask such sites.
  10. Take it slow: If you’re just starting out, you shouldn’t be in a rush to build and get links. The best thing to do is to let the progression happen slowly so that it stays steady and doesn’t suddenly decline.
  11. Check the content of the target site: The most important thing you should pay attention to when building external links is the relevance of the target site’s field of work to yours. So always check the content of a site before applying.
  12. Be diverse in keywords: try to use different keywords in your content and don’t link to the same keyword all the time. It is better to use other words on the site or similar words to give external links
  13. Improve your site content: Before you can get external links from sites, you need to put a hand on your site and put quality SEO content on it.
  14. Move forward with purpose: After you know what external link building is, you must have a purpose and a basic plan to get the best results.
  15. Observe the balance: the most important point for building a basic link is that you must balance between follow and no follow links and not use only one of them.

17 pure techniques for building backlinks

In the following, we describe 10 experimental techniques of external link building for you in full:

1- Content production, is better than the best!

In this technique, you should try to publish content with which you can hit your best competitors hard.

To do this, do the following steps:

  • Choosing the keywords you want to rank for.
  • Google each of your chosen keywords to find out which competitor is ranking first. This way you will find your toughest competitors for each keyword.
  • Take a look at the content published on the site of your strongest competitor and think about how you can produce better content. Is there a tip you can use to improve and promote the content? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the content?
  • Start creating great content and publish it on your site.
  • Find the sites that are linking to your competitors. For this, you can use SEO tools that I have already introduced. Also, find powerful and relevant sites that have not yet assigned backlinks to your competitors.
  • Contact the owners of these sites or blogs using email.

for example:

Hello my dear Hamid

I have been searching your site/blog for some time and found an article related to SEO strategy. I must say that it was a unique article and I really enjoyed reading it.

This is the article link that you can check for sure. [link]

This article can make your article more valuable than before. Anyway, I hope you keep up the good work, and good luck.

thank you,

Zabih Bakhtiari

As you can see, the request for a backlink is not explicitly stated. You should also be careful in your message and avoid explicit requests for links.

Techniques of making backlinks, making backlinks, getting backlinks

2- Building links using broken links
broken link check

Dear friends, you can look for broken or broken links on the sites related to your business and request that your link be replaced with that broken link.

Be careful, broken links will be useful for you if the content is exactly related to your article.

After you find a broken link that can be useful for you, contact the site owner by email. (You can use the same first email with some changes.)

You can use the Broken Link Checker tool to identify broken links.

3- Getting backlinks through customer reviews

You can easily get backlinks through a review that you put on a store site from a customer.

Dear friends, know that online stores have a great desire to gain the trust of the audience to buy a product by placing their customers’ opinions. Because they know that the audience trusts and pays attention to the opinions of customers more than any other advertisement.

Online stores sometimes include links to their customers’ websites in the reviews written by them, so that users and audiences realize that these reviews are written by real customers. Be sure to use this key position.

4- Placing and correcting the link in the places where it is your right!

You can use Google to find the sites that have used your content or mentioned your brand and ask them to post a link via email.

The next thing you can do is request to fix the broken links on the sites that have used your content. This way you can get some valuable backlinks.

Of course, you should make your request politely.

5- Making a wonderful infographic and sharing it

I’m not going to tell you how to design and create an infographic. Because each person will have a different style and taste.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is placing the piece of HTML code to place the infographic on the website page. You should also put your website link in it.

There are two ways you can earn backlinks by sharing infographics:

  • Suggesting the use of infographics to bloggers related to your business topic (especially bloggers who have used your website as a source).
  • Encourage websites or blogs related to your topic to share the infographic. For this, you either have to write a strong and effective introduction for your infographics so that websites are encouraged to use them, or ask them to publish your infographics on their site by paying a fee.

6- Publishing a guest post

Writing and publishing guest posts on other blogs or websites is one of the most common ways to get backlinks.

The only thing you should pay attention to is publishing guest posts on websites or blogs that have high authority and are related to the topic of your website. Such links you get will be valuable.

7- Using the interview technique

The interview technique is another way to get backlinks. Of course, using this method is somewhat difficult and complicated.

You can get links in two ways using the interview technique.

  • As an interviewee: If you have enough expertise and reputation in your field, it is easier to use this method. But if you still think that you are capable enough in your field of work, you can contact websites that interview different people in your field of work and introduce yourself as an interview volunteer. In this way, you can ask them to assign a link to your site at the end of the interview.
  • As an interviewer: People are very interested in getting to know the opinions and thoughts of experts and influential people in their industry. You can also contact one of these influential people and request that they allow you to conduct an interview with them. After the interview, ask him to put the link of the interview page on his site. This way you can get a lot of relevant traffic for your site.

8- Making the product available for review by bloggers or websites

There are many blogs and sites that are very interested in reviewing the products and services of different brands. You can contact these people and ask them to write a review of your product or service and share it on their site in exchange for giving them a free product or service.

In this way, you can indirectly get backlinks for your site.

9- Doing work or asking customers for free in exchange for assigning a backlink

One of the ways you can get backlinks is by doing work or soliciting clients for free.

You can provide some services and products for free to customers and ask them to put your website link on their site.

For example, you can design an advertising banner for one of your clients for free and put your website link on the side of it. For example, “Banner design by Zabih Bakhtiari from Creative Bak.

This will give you and your brand a lot of credibilities and you can get good traffic for your site.

Techniques of making backlinks, making backlinks, getting backlinks

10- Answering specialized questions as an expert

If you have good expertise in your business field, you can make a name for yourself by answering the questions and doubts of users regarding various topics of your business, as well as guiding them on websites, social media, and various blogs. Earn and additionally get backlinks for your site.

To use this technique, you need to find related websites and blogs that use experts and declare your readiness to cooperate as an expert as a volunteer.

If you agree and after getting the satisfaction of the owner of the website and blog, you can ask him to assign a link to your site.

11- Setting up an educational/educational campaign

You can help a university and its students by launching an educational/educational campaign. You must know how valuable it is to get a link from the edu domain and webmasters do their best to get backlinks from this domain.

Of course, before contacting the relevant university, you should consider the following to create a powerful educational/educational campaign:

  • Determining the goal and task that the student must do
  • Campaign participation criteria
  • How to determine the winner
  • Determining the reward and prize of the winner
  • Determining the method and duration of student evaluation

In this way, you can design a powerful academic/educational campaign and get backlinks by placing your articles on the university website.

Of course, know that this method is very time-consuming and requires continuous effort. But the reason is that getting backlinks from the edu domain can justify your actions.

12- Holding a competition

One of the good ways by which you can attract the attention of the audience and internet users to your brand and website is to hold a contest.

By using the contest technique and determining the reward (material or spiritual, it depends on your circumstances), the audience and internet users try more to participate in it, and some of them put backlinks in blogs or media. They socialize themselves so that their audience can also participate in the competition. You can easily get backlinks for your site, make your brand famous and bring more traffic and audience to your site.

13- Publishing viral content on the site

The content that is prone to be seen more by users and can bring a lot of backlinks to the site is called viral content.

As you know, most people look at the Internet world as a place for entertainment and a place to share news and information faster and easier.

For this purpose, you can get backlinks by publishing this type of content on your site.

Examples of viral content include the following:

  • Pictures of cute animals
  • Humorous content
  • Shocking content
  • breaking news
  • Strange facts
  • exams

With this type of content, you can get backlinks by placing internal links and by placing links to these pages on blogs and social networks.

14- Speaking at events and meetings

If you have good expertise in your industry so that you can be used as a speaker, you can introduce yourself as an expert by speaking at important events and meetings.

By becoming known, you can ask the people who are in charge of these events and meetings, as well as the participants, to assign backlinks to your site by placing your article on their site, blog, and social media.

This method is very interesting but it will take some time. Anyway, it’s worth a try.

15- Suggesting an article to get a link

There are blogs that are interested in providing links to the latest and most up-to-date website posts related to their topic. By identifying these blogs, you can suggest they assign a link to your article.

A point that you should pay attention to; In order to encourage bloggers to assign backlinks to the site, you should propose an article that is up-to-date, valuable, and useful.

In this way, you can easily get their opinion to get backlinks.

16- Responding to rumors

People in the virtual world create various rumors about your industry, brand, and business. You can get backlinks for your site by responding clearly and transparently to these rumors on one of your social channels.

One thing you should pay attention to is that you answer the rumors in a completely polite manner and away from any aggressive behavior. Such users will be more willing to interact with you and will link to your social page or website with full interest.

17- Competitor backlink analysis

Don’t forget that your top competitors are a valuable gold mine of links. Therefore, you should get their links for your site.

These links are a good variety of valuable follow and no-follow links. That’s why by getting them you will get the highest amount of relevant traffic.

To find the links of your competitors, you can use the Ahrefs backlink checker tool.

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