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Eighteen years have passed since the launch of Adwords and it is time for a change for Google advertising services. Many things have changed in these two decades. Mobile phones have revolutionized people’s lives, each of us has become a content publisher with the help of social media, and the demand for video content is huge. These changes are forcing business owners to rethink their digital strategy, which is why Google has decided to rebrand its ad ordering, marketing, and display platforms.

The purpose of this work is to make Internet advertising and marketing easier and at the same time facilitate collaboration and integration as much as possible.

From now on, the name of Google AdWords will be changed to Google Ads, and Google’s DoubleClick advertiser products will be part of Google’s marketing platform, while DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange is a subset of Google Ad Manager. In the following, we will introduce Google services:

Google Ads ads

Google marketing strategy, Google marketing, advertising and internet marketing

Google Ads is one of the important services of Google, the result of Google’s efforts to rebuild the brand and integrate all its advertising facilities into a single platform. AdWords will soon be retired so that businesses can go beyond words and prove that advertising has transcended traditional methods.

The goal of Google Ads service is to simplify the features and capabilities of advertising and focus more on the user interface and the best ways to provide new advertising opportunities for businesses.

Google Ads will also have a new campaign to help businesses run online ads. This section of Google Ads helps small businesses realize the potential of online advertising without getting confused by a multitude of different instructions.

We’re waiting for more details on these changes, but from what we’ve read so far, it sounds like a great opportunity for all businesses, big and small, to harness the power of online advertising to find new customers.

Even AdWords professionals can do their old jobs more easily in this new environment.

Google Marketing Platform 

Google ad manager service, Google double click service, Google advertising services

Google’s Marketing Platform combines Google’s DoubleClick service for advertising clients with the Google Analytics 360 package. In this new brand, advertising, and data analysis (analytics) have been combined so that marketers can have all the results of their advertising in one place and together.

In this way, you don’t need to use different platforms to measure the performance and efficiency of your ads. It seems that Google intends to reduce the complexity of all its products.

The simpler the work process, the better results will be obtained and the attractiveness of online advertising will increase for smaller businesses.

The Google Marketing Platform advertising service will combine all the capabilities of DoubleClick Digital Marketing and Analytics 360 suite, and in addition, with the introduction of Display & Video 360 (which is a set of DoubleClick Bid Manager, Campaign Manager, Studio ) and includes Audience Center), will simplify the management of campaigns. It is expected that in this way the collaboration between the creative team and the marketing team will be strengthened and everything will come together in one place.

Important Google services, introduction of Google services

In addition, DoubleClick Search has now been transformed into Search Ads 360, which covers everything related to the analysis and planning of search campaigns.

What is useful is the fact that the addition of more than 100 third-party products and services in the area of ​​advertising and performance measurement proves that Google is not only focused on its products.

The introduction and presentation of new brands are supposed to start by the end of this month, and there is no need to worry because these changes will be applied gradually so that users have the opportunity to adjust to them.

Google Ad Manager service

Google marketing strategy, Google marketing, advertising and internet marketing

Google was looking for a new solution to combine its ad serving and monetization services into a single platform. Google’s ad manager service is a combination of DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

The growing demand for access to programmatic services, along with the ever-increasing need for content consumption, has led to the introduction of this new platform that will help ad publishers, media content companies, and advertising partners to maximize Get to Know the future of content and business opportunities related to it.

The new combined platform will make it easier for content creators to monetize content and also check its success and effectiveness in different types of systems (including mobile phones, desktops, etc.). This platform is the evolution point of advertising and monetization and can facilitate the work of both the orderers and the display of ads.

One of the interesting results that we can get from these changes and developments is that the ways of earning money are officially becoming more diverse and we should keep up with this trend. Google intends to help us to offer our content more easily in different channels, types of systems, AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Places), games, mobile applications, and smart TVs connected to the web. This is another step toward the future of programmatic advertising, and now it’s time to make it as easy and efficient as possible.

What is the next step?

Despite all these developments, you should not worry about your digital plans because Google’s marketing strategy is to implement these changes gradually as much as possible, but the previous platforms are not going away for now.

Google also plans to provide users with more information about new platforms and their capabilities and the best ways to use them shortly.

Although these changes seem to focus mainly on Google’s branding, what makes them more attractive is their simplicity and forward-looking approach. A satisfactory user experience (UX) can practically provide new opportunities for small and large brands.

Google believes in the necessity of looking to the future and paying attention to all the developments that have occurred in the field of Internet advertising in the last decade.

From now on, more businesses will be able to benefit from the new simple user interfaces by monetizing content and evaluating advertising campaigns.

Small businesses will also have fewer problems in managing advertisements and measuring the efficiency of their campaigns, and on the other hand, focusing on integration can lead to maximum exploitation of the capacity of each party.

We’re still waiting to get more details about these changes, but based on the information available, we can say that these developments may be the beginning of an era of simplicity and at the same time improved performance.

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