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External SEO and its valuable techniques 2023 part 2

SEO techniques in 2023

Website SEO is divided into two general categories: internal SEO and external SEO. Many Google users think that the external SEO of the site is only related to the activities that are done regarding link building. But be careful that external SEO is actually more than link building.

To better understand this issue, in this article we will take a closer look at Off-page Seo and try to understand why it is used in most successful internet businesses. In addition to these things, we are trying to teach you foreign SEO techniques.

What is meant by external SEO of the site?

It is called the set of activities that are done outside the website to strengthen and improve the rank in search engines. It is true that link building is a very big part of it, but there are many factors in external SEO that are very important. Search engines try to provide valuable content to people who are looking for information. The external factors of the page prove that the outside world also believes in your site and that your content is practical and valid enough that it can be recommended to others.

Off-page SEO includes strengthening and improving reputation and digital density, which happens by getting backlinks and being in reputable positions all over the web.

Comparison of internal and external SEO of the site

The first thing I should mention in this context is that in internal site optimization, you have a lot of control over your activities; If this does not apply to the external optimization of the site.

For example, if you ask one of the better website owners than you to link to your site’s content, this process is actually related to the external SEO of the site. Because it is still not clear whether your site’s rank will improve or not; Or if you optimize your website images using the latest SEO training strategies, then this activity of yours is considered as internal site optimization or On-page Seo; Because it has been directly effective in improving the performance of your site.

Therefore, if you feel anywhere that you do not know whether your activity is related to internal or external optimization of the site, it is better to ask yourself before any action how much control and mastery you have over the process of these activities.

Why is external SEO so important?

Google uses many factors to rank and externalize the site. To decide whether to give them a better rank or not. Link building is only one of these factors there are many others.

Factors for detecting links related to off-page SEO

Backlinks are perhaps the most famous links related to external site optimization. The reason is that Google search is based on PageRank. PageRank algorithm checks the quality and quantity of backlinks of different websites.

Some SEO experts consider PageRank to be an old and obsolete concept. But this is if Google has announced that PageRank is still working as an important indicator. This is probably why we see such a clear correlation between the number of referring domains (unique websites) that point to a web page and its rankings.

The number of referring domains

Having more links from unique websites (referring domains) will not only increase your site’s rank but can also attract a significant amount of organic traffic to your website. To find out how many backlinks your website has, we suggest using   Ahrefs’ Site Explorer or a free backlink checker.

Link validity

Not all the links that are made are suitable and functional; Rather, it is the quality of each of them that is very important. In fact, the important point is that PageRank works by using this factor. As a result, the higher the credibility of the pages that are linked to, the higher the credibility of the pages that are doing the linking process will increase to the same extent. To put it simply, the above means that the more valid the link is from the site page, the more valuable it is.

Now the question that may arise for you is how to measure the credibility of a site page.

In the past years, Google has publicly displayed PageRank scores. But from 2016 onwards, he stopped continuing this case. Considering that we cannot see the PageRank score, it is better to use a series of tools that are used to measure the credibility of different sites.

Off page SEO training, external website optimization, the difference between on page and off page SEO

Dofollow and no-follow links

Google does not consider PageRank for the links for which no-follow tags are used. Therefore, it is better to use do-follow links for the external optimization of your site. Therefore, it is better if you plan to request a link to a website you are considering, to check whether the links of that website are followed. To do this, we recommend using the no-follow chrome extension.


Anchor text is actually the words that users click on, to be transferred to the desired page. Backlinks that are accompanied by appropriate anchor texts can have a great impact on improving the rank of your site. Unfortunately, we have to say that if you use white hat SEO methods and strategies, you will not have much control over your anchor texts.


Relevance is actually the way search engine crawlers check how relevant a website’s content is to the words that users have searched for. If a website links to your content, it actually guarantees the credibility and relevance of your website. As a result, it is very important that the content of both pages of the sites are completely related to each other in terms of content.

Factors for detecting links unrelated to off-page SEO

In external SEO, it is better to know that there are links that do not help your site’s SEO. Therefore, we specified these things so that you don’t waste your time with this link-building model. The links that have less value for your site and do not affect SEO are:

  • NAP documents
  • Refer to the brand name
  • Google My business profile
  • its passage
  • Social signals

Making backlinks; The most basic technique of external SEO

The first factor that we deal with in foreign SEO training is backlink building and techniques related to foreign SEO principles. In this case, we will examine several topics together:

External SEO techniques, what is SEO off page, SEO on page

One of the topics that we have discussed in SEO training is the controversial part of building backlinks. Although getting a link from another site makes search engines understand the relevance and density of your brand, not all backlinks are made the same. Search engines consider the link to the external site as a recommendation and determine the weight of the link according to the credibility of the linking site.

From this, building an effective link will not only get backlinks but also increase the quality.

Search engines value links based on several factors, including the site’s value and the number of backlinks. In general, sites with good off-page SEO have a higher chance of appearing in search results. Links that are taken from pages with more relevant content, brand, and work area, have more value, and when the anchor text of the link is also relevant, its value increases.

Guest posting builds your connections and reputation

Guest posting is one of the most useful techniques in teaching external SEO. Posting a guest blog on influential sites is a very effective way to speed up off-page SEO. Most guest posting positions will allow you to get a link or two for your site, which will help you be more popular in the eyes of all the powerful search engines.

In order to identify suitable positions for guest posting, go to sites that have a lot of authority in your field and work on similar topics (you can find these sites by personal search or by using tools). . Once you’ve determined which sites overlap with your target audience and rank well, try reaching out to that site.

Convert existing brand references to links

If your brand has achieved a certain level of success, it is likely that by now there have been many mentions of your brand and products on other effective and highly visited sites (meaning sites other than the sites where you post as a guest). )

If this is the case, it is worth searching for these mentions and finding these sites, and you can ask these sites to add your links to their website.

Helping other sites to fix broken links

Some links are somewhat temporary because sites change their link structure or go offline. In these cases, the URL addresses will not work. Using tools such as Broken Link Builder or check my link, you can quickly find broken links in content articles related to your business.

After checking the broken links on the site, contact the target sites to inform them of the broken links (and provide them with an alternative link to your website).

You can place your links where your competitors are active

In addition to guest posting, your competitors may be successfully posting to articles, forums, directories, etc. These positions should be the goal of your off-page activities. See where your competitors are active, then try to do the same as possible. This issue is very important in foreign SEO education. In general, the most important issue in foreign SEO is competition, and if you win the competition course, you can reach good positions in Google results.

PBN network linking

PBN means a network of often defunct and abandoned websites that are used to create backlinks and thus influence the ranking and raise the site in the results provided by search engines. Theoretically, the links that are created in this way increase the authority of the site and consequently the ranking of the site in search engines. Of course, this positive effect continues until you don’t turn your hand to Google. For this reason, some people consider this type of external SEO link building as black hat SEO.

The way PBNs work is that they buy a collection of expired domain names that have authority. They create their own network by purchasing and simultaneously registering these domains in their name.

After forming the network, these domains are used for post-primary content. The important thing is that these contents contain backlinks to your main site, backlinks that increase the rank of your site.

Now, with these interpretations, is link building using the PBN n network method really considered an external SEO technique?!

PBNs may bring happiness to their users and immediate positive results in SEO, but the thing to remember about them is that in the eyes of search engines, using PBNs is a black tactic and even a scam.

Using PBNs in the long term and if the issue is discovered by search engine algorithms can lead to punishments such as lowering the site’s rank and even in some cases, dismissal and banning of the site. Getting kicked out of search engine listings is a heavy penalty for short-term happiness.

How to identify the PBN network?

Another important issue related to PBN networks is knowing how to identify PBNs. As search engines continue to improve and try to identify unethical SEO practices, unconventional strategies like PBNs are becoming more and more sophisticated.

The important point in this context is that when interacting with other sites and giving or receiving backlinks from them, check these sites completely and get complete information from them. The following list provides you with some of the main identifying characteristics of PBNs:

  • Link profile: The link profile means the link structure that refers you to a site, if the link profile of several sites is the same, then you should be careful.
  • Hosting: Sites with related content all coming from the same IP address can be a concern.
  • Site design: It is difficult to keep several sites updated continuously. So if you come across a bunch of sites with similar designs and copied content, the PBN alarm should ring for you.
  • Lack of new content: The lack of new content or the lack of links to other sites or the limited number of third-party links that all lead to similar sites can be a sign that the site is not real.
  • Ownership of the site: The ownership of the sites should be investigated using the available tools and facilities. You can consider the hidden ownership information of a similar site as a sign of danger.
  • The repetitiveness of visual content: Since producing visual content such as photos or videos is a difficult and costly task, therefore, the visual content of PNB sites is likely to be duplicated and copied. With a variety of tools such as Google image or video search, you can easily determine whether or not an image content is duplicated.


Branding techniques in foreign SEO

What is off-page SEO, off-page SEO, and external SEO?

All external SEO promotion methods are not focused on link building. You can use these techniques to gain the trust of search engines and become famous in the digital world. Of course, take into account that besides the tricks of foreign SEO training, there are more techniques in the direction of branding and marketing.

Create your business directory and social media profile.

One of the external SEO techniques is the use of directories. After creating a website, building a business directory and social media profiles are the most important next steps to get your footing in the digital world. This means making sure that your business and website appear in search engine directories and most major social networking platforms (depending on your business, it can include LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Wikipedia, etc.).

Traditional businesses should also create a page on Google My Business to appear better in search results. Search engines take this information into account when calculating a site’s reputation and often allow for a link to be added.

Using social media marketing 

These days, most of the users in foreign SEO training are looking for a strong presence in the digital world. Although social media metrics such as likes and shares do not directly affect off-page SEO, they have many indirect advantages.

Developing your presence on social networks will definitely increase the popularity and influence of your brand. This can promote your brand, increase content availability, and ultimately add traffic to your website, all of which will improve SEO.

To do this, create shareable content and encourage users to share your content with a share button. Always actively maintain your presence on social networks.

Connect your popularity to influencers

Industry influencers in your market and other brands that make sense as strategic partners can accelerate your reputation.

To use this technique, share your content and play an active role in marketing your brand. Adding traffic, popularity, and power to the site, will improve off-page SEO and also introduce the brand to the new contacts you want to attract.

When using these offsite SEO techniques, you should carefully monitor your site’s standards to identify issues that affect performance and adapt your strategy accordingly.

These methods, in connection with successful off-page SEO, will improve the reputation of your site and also make search engines pay more attention to your website. All these things that were said in foreign SEO training are related to branding and reputation in the digital world, but there are other important topics in foreign SEO that we will examine below.

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