Teaching content creation is the most interesting part of SEO topics. Content is a tool for message and message transmission. Imagine how we can be attractive without having an audience?! What is the value if you create the best works of art but no one sees your works?

Sometimes when it comes to digital content production, we easily divide the content into several types of visual and audio content and start producing content and expect to get the best result. With an example, I want to explain content creation training to you. Imagine that content production is a university course and we have to take an entrance exam for it. What are the views about content production? Don’t forget that the label of content creation expert is too big for some people and too small for others.

A person considers all his happiness and future in the field of digital content production training, and another person enters this field only to escape from military service or to have an education. They may have the same academic field and job title, but their dreams and goals are vastly different. So first you need to define your goal.

As you probably know, today, in addition to the fact that content production and its SEO are highly effective in improving the ranking of websites in Google, content marketing also plays an undeniable role. Amir Qamsari has always mentioned in the topics related to professional SEO training the percentage of influence of the content in the SEO of the site, which is about 30%. So please increase your accuracy in this part.

The issue of content creation is so important that Illyes (one of Google’s senior managers) said this in late 2017 about the best SEO practices that webmasters should know:

“Generally speaking, the best SEO practice is to produce quality content that will spread across the internet. ”


Each of these headings is an important point and thing that you should keep in mind when creating attractive content.

What is the content and what is its use?

Before you start creating content, you need to have a general understanding of content. It is necessary to know what the content is useful for or what content is called effective. Maybe you will say to yourself, what is the use for me who wants to create content! Believe me, my friend, when you know the concepts accurately, you can produce the best content for your audience.


Why is content production so important?

In today’s digital world, content writing is a very important skill; For this reason, you must know all the techniques and things necessary to produce content, but learning these tips is not once and for all. Not only in this job, but in all jobs, keeping up-to-date information is essential. So it can be concluded that even if you become an expert in your job, you should not stop your activities for further education.

To better understand the mentioned problem, consider a key and a lock. A tooth of the key forms a very minor and small part of it, but in the absence of that tiny tooth, the key will lose its functionality and will not open the lock. Training is very important in any job, because you may have almost perfect knowledge and skills in the field of expertise, but new and practical training can give you exactly the small part you need to unlock your career. you have, to provide you.


Prerequisites for content production training

The necessary skills for content production are things that you should learn before or during your content production training. Some of these skills are necessary for people who want to produce content, and some of them are considered an advantage. In the following, we will describe these skills needed for content production. The skills mentioned below are especially useful for people who intend to create content for blogs and websites.

1. Writing skills

A content producer must be able to write texts attractively and correctly. To achieve this skill, you must know which part of the text each punctuation mark is used in, and you must also increase your vocabulary and understand the meaning of each word well.

Things like reading authentic books and articles can help you a lot to acquire the said skill. When studying the mentioned items, you should pay attention to different words, sentence structure, synonyms, use of pronouns, etc. so that you can implement them in your content over time.

2. The ability to understand and recognize the audience

Any content is written for a specific audience group. A content producer must be able to identify the taste and needs of his target audience and write his text according to them. He should also be able to understand well how to ask questions and search for his audience to write the titles and keywords in his content based on these things, in this case, the content will get many views through search engines such as Google. and this is an important factor in the success of a website.

3. Familiarity with content management systems

One of the main branches of digital content production is content creation for websites. To be able to do this effectively, you must be familiar with the content management system of the website in question, in this case, you can easily upload the content you have produced and apply the desired items to it. According to published statistics, WordPress is the most popular content management system available, and most websites are created and managed by this system.

4. Understanding how search engines work

Even if your goal in watching the content creation tutorial is not to write articles on the website, understanding how search engines work can be very suitable for you. Knowing what the algorithm is and how search engines crawl texts and web pages can give you good ideas for writing titles and placing keywords in the text. Not only Google, but many social networks also have a search engine, so understanding how they work can be very effective in your success.

5. The ability to produce visual content

One of the most important things in articles on websites is the images in them. Also, one of the important topics in the field of content production education is the production of visual content. A person who intends to produce content for a site or blog must be able to produce unique (non-copy) images; Because search engines, including Google, can scan and recognize images and can easily find out whether the image in question has already been uploaded to another site or not.

If you have a basic understanding of how Photoshop software works, you can easily solve your image content production needs and make changes to the images that are not considered copies in the eyes of search engines.


30 very important tips to produce a valuable content

In this part of the content of content creation training, we intend to teach you the most important points that will lead to the production of valuable content:

1- Knowing the place of content in the world of digital marketing

In the digital world, content has become more vital than ever, and now we need to use content for marketing. Content marketing is a process that can be summarized in three steps.

Research before creating content: Before you start writing and creating content, you should check the main topic and keyword phrase and the content of your competitors.

Content production and SEO: Now start producing content and produce content for both the user and Google, both of whom are the audience of your content.

Content distribution and promotion (content marketing): Well, now it’s time to make your content available to others to use.


2- Having the necessary information about the intended business to produce content

For a website content writer to have an effective impact on the audience, first of all, he should be familiar with all his abilities. He should also know his audience. But the most important thing is to know which writing structure can help him the most in the field of content production.

Note the very important point that you should not immediately use a new and novice writer to produce content. Because it is necessary for him to first get a good understanding of the expectations and position of your company and business. He should also understand what your focus is on so that he can write about it.

One of the best ways to do this is to ask someone (for example, a researcher and searcher on your team) who has enough information about your company and business, as well as its field of activity, to give the author New will give enough information and answer his questions so that he is completely familiar with your content production strategy and needs and adapts to it.

Examples of questions you should ask the content writer:

  • Who is leading and arguing for the business space right now? Why?
  • How does this space make money?
  • What kind of ideas are prohibited from the company’s point of view and cannot be discussed and why?
  • What kind of ideas are usually accepted and why?
  • What rules and restrictions are there for the business space?
  • What group of users and audiences are attracted to this space? What are they searching for?
  • How is the company’s success measured in this business environment?

3- Knowing the competitors and having the necessary study about them

Very few content writers start producing and publishing content that they are not aware of its correctness or that they do not know about the credibility and quality of its source.

Amir Qamsari stated in a class in his Mashhad SEO training that instead of writers and content producers spending most of their time publishing low-quality and incorrect content, they should study and research other competitors and the content they publish. to pay The best part of this is that you can provide the list of competitors along with their strengths and weaknesses to newbies in content creation to increase their awareness.

For example, assign someone to compile a list of the top ten competitors and authors in your business. Ask him to identify the authors whose content is most popular and specify the reasons. These authors can be people who publish content on competing sites or independently publish content on social networks and podcasts. Also, ask your writers to study the content of your competitors and follow them to understand what exactly they should pay attention to produce valuable content in the field of their business.

Finally, content writers should pay attention to the values ​​and characteristics so that they can keep you in the field of competition and ultimately win by publishing quality and authentic content. Also, a content producer should pay attention to the valuable points that have been ignored by competitors and use them to excel in content production.

One of the things that help the content writer a lot is to be aware of the following points:

  • How can we publish a similar topic in our own opinion and teach even better?
  • How can we go deeper into a different perspective and present it?
  • How can we teach the steps more easily?
  • How can we provide more value and better content than competitors?

Content production, content production expert, website content production expert


4- The ability to analyze content

A web content expert at any skill level should be an analyst. In the long run, the thing that makes content writer improve their performance and produce content more effectively is measuring their success rate. To improve the art of writing, you need to focus on values ​​and important information to achieve the goal.

Traffic analysis can be effective in cases where you have high ambiguity, such as content and its sudden practical changes. This information tells the author whether users are reading the content or not and how engaged they are with the content. Also, this information allows the author of the content to know whether the target audience has recognized the target correctly or not. In addition, how useful the content was for the target audience.

This information helps the author to become aware of the material he has written and improve himself in content production. To get this information, you can use the very powerful Google Analytics tool.

5- Research and study before creating content

It doesn’t matter if your content production is going to be visual, video, audio, or text, it is important that you always research and study the topic you are considering. Even if you plan to create content based on your experience and personal information, you still need to search and research.

If you study the biographies of great authors, you will find that all of them started reading the books of other authors who had books in the same fields before they wanted to write a book.

According to the tips of content creation training, this is also true for the online world and articles on websites. As a result, you should do thorough research on your topics to have the best articles for your website.

Content creation training tips, content author, website content author

6- Having your unique point of view in content creation

Creating content in the same style and way that others are doing the same process, is natural it will not work. Do not worry; You can always look at this story from a distance and make a general conclusion about the activities of others.

For example, let’s say you want to write a title for your content, apart from implementing the SEO techniques you learned in the content creation tutorial, you should search for the main keyword of that page in Google.

Then you should analyze at least the titles used in the first two pages of Google. Finally, you can generate the best title for that content by combining your unique ideas with those of other competing websites.

You can use this method for any part of your content creation system. As we suggested in this section to follow the activities of others, we will teach you in the future how to easily become a resource for other websites. Fortunately, the creation of site content is a broad process and provides the ground for you to implement your creativity in it.

7- Using data and experiences in content production

Do you personally have information about the main topic of your content? Or have you gained special experience in the desired field? In the following, we will explain this issue well.

If your answer is yes, don’t doubt that using this information can improve the content creation process to a higher level. For example, suppose you want to introduce reputable websites for guest posts in your article; If you have used guest posts in your strategies, you know that a certain website does not work for guest posts; Don’t doubt that providing this information to the audience will gain their trust.

Some think that if they present their experiences to others, they have acted to the detriment of their business; It is not really like that at all. Be sure that there is enough skill and technique in your business that is not limited to these few points that you have experienced. As soon as you share your experience, it is an experience that we taught you in this content creation training article!

8- Creating content about subtopics

Subtopics are the topics that few people have addressed; Of course, remember that they should also have high importance. For example, suppose that the main topic of your business is SEO; Now, instead of constantly producing digital content about the nature of SEO, it is better to produce content for topics that fewer competitors have published articles on.

As a result, by focusing on such topics, you can attract contacts who value your uniqueness.

9- Choosing attractive ideas for content production

Content creation ideas determine whether your content will turn into a fantastic text in the future or not. Once you choose the right idea, your audience will care about your content and share it with all their heart.

The first step you can take to find the best ideas is to check out your competitors’ websites. You can use their activities to prepare a content creation list.

You may not understand the importance of initial ideas at the beginning of work; But after a few months or years, you will realize how much a good idea can affect the quality of your content creation process.

(In a separate section, we describe the most important and most common content creation ideas on this page)

10- Rechecking the content creation file

If we want to produce quality content, we have a fundamental problem; This process is also time-consuming. When you are under pressure that your content creation file should be published on a certain date, you may have to reduce the quality of your work on some days.

Precisely because of these problems, you should always have several pieces of content produced in advance to stay ahead of your publishing calendar. With this, you can easily check the quality of the content several times after production.

If you are a content creator yourself and you publish your writing immediately after you finish it, you are making a big mistake!

All the great writers and also the greats of content production training agree that the first text that a person writes has many problems that he does not realize at first time. This is why you should read your digital content out loud to yourself several times after creating it.

11- Evaluating the performance of the produced content

After creating content and counting it as excellent content by yourself, you cannot decide 100% that this content is one of the best content and that all the standards of content creation training have been met in it. Therefore, you can only say that you have produced great content when the numbers show the same.

You should see what was your main goal in creating content. Does your article meet all of these goals?

For example, the marketing goals of digital content production can include (but are not limited to):

  • Ranking in Google
  • Increase customer interaction
  • Improve brand popularity and reputation
  • Increase the conversion rate of users to customers

Now, among the goals that we stated above, suppose that your goal of creating your content was to increase interaction with the customer; As a result, you should analyze things such as the duration of the user’s stay on the page, shares, the state of scrolling the page to the end by people, etc.

Of course, this issue is a little more complicated than these words; You will understand this better when you start your work!

12- Start creating content with an SEO keyword

Before you start creating your digital content, you need to know exactly what you are going to write about, and if you can implement SEO content while you are writing, you have killed two birds with one stone!

This is where keyword research comes in; Most SEO experts and online marketers have declared in content creation training classes that they consider keyword research to be the most important part of digital marketing. SEO keyword research tells you which topics Google considers most relevant to its search results. Keyword research also helps you understand what strategies your competitors are using to create content; Finally, you realize what weaknesses you had in your work process. In this way, you can increase the traffic to your site.

Now, if you have never used any content creation training course and you don’t know how to do keyword research yourself, you should use the tools provided by SEO experts and top site optimization training sites on Google. Almost all of these tools can be useful; As a result, we do not intend to introduce a specific case. You can find your favorite tool in Google with a simple search according to your activity.

13- Using too many keywords is prohibited!

Keywords are tools that add value to your content and then make your content SEO friendly. But when you use too much of a keyword in your content, all these advantages are lost. A site page that is bombarded with keywords cannot build trust; Both for Google and for your users. By using too many keywords, the bounce rate will increase and your rank in SERPs will drop drastically.

Today, users are extremely smart and if they enter a page and realize that your goal in creating content was to use only key phrases, they will quickly recognize the lack of quality of the content and leave your site. be.

Therefore, try to use keywords in an optimal way so that both the Google bot gives you credit and users enjoy the information you provide them.

14- Using powerful CTAs

CTA or Call to Action is a part of your content where you tell the user the main purpose of the content you have provided; CTA is the call to action through which you convince and encourage the user to do a certain task; For example, store websites usually encourage the user to visit and buy their products at the end of their articles.

If you think a little, you will see that you have come across this class of CTAs and at that time, you did not even realize where the author was leading you. You may also have seen weak calls to action that have caused you to quickly exit that content.

Now, our suggestion in this content creation training article is to first define your purpose for creating that content; Even in some cases posting a comment by the user can be a goal. Then you have to drive the user towards your goal in the best possible way, like a marketer who wants to sell a product or service. It is better to have the command tone of your CTA hidden; Because most people avoid following someone’s orders.

15- Synchronizing yourself with changes in written language

As you have understood so far, the goal of creating content for all of us should be to bring the user to the content he searched for. Over time, some words and the way of writing some words have changed correctly or incorrectly. As a result, users may also search for a different text in Google; This indicates that the keywords will also change.

Therefore, in your writing, try to use terms and phrases that people have decided to use in the process of their activities and discard old words.

16- Targeting the emotions of the audience in content production

Of course, not all of your audience will read your content logically and analyze its points logically. Consequently, part of your writing tone and logic should be aimed at the audience’s emotions. For example, if you intend to sell a service, according to the highly used techniques of content creation training, you should try to present the desired product or service to the audience in such a way that he imagines that this product is the cure for all his problems.

In other words, try to take him to the future and visualize future success in his mind. This is one aspect of emotional targeting that you can use. In any case, you can encourage the audience to do what you want them to do in different ways, based on your expertise in the field of your business.

17- Using a decisive and commanding writing tone

Content creation in the web world should be strong, direct, and commanding. To do this, the structure of the sentences, the choice of words, and the use of all these must be in a grammatical format; Like the following sentence:

“Let’s first examine its disadvantages to better understand this issue” or “Do not use copy content on your site under any circumstances”.

The above two sentences involve the audience and do not give them time to think about the training you have given and make a decision, which most of the time leads to a mistake. So try to keep the tone of an expert, in different parts of your content, and command the user to do a certain thing. In this case, he will also act on your CTAs, which can multiply the value of the content you have produced.

Consequently, your writing tone should not be passive; Passive writing tone occurs when you use the simplest and most insensitive types of sentences:

  • The lion attacked the village.
  • A village was attacked by a lion.

Both sentences above convey the same concept, But the first sentence will be much more effective in the mind of the audience. The reason is that in the first sentence, the main focus is on the word milk, and in the second, more attention is paid to the word village.

As a digital content creator, you need to use exciting sentences to impress people’s minds. Finally, you should try to read your writing again and edit the sentences that need to be changed.

Unfortunately, in most of the articles on the web; The sentences are very long. The first thing you should do is remove all long and incomprehensible sentences from your content.

The important point of teaching content production; To improve the attractiveness of your writing, and use both exciting and passive sentences with a certain ratio so that the audience’s mind fluctuates and the text does not find a unified state for him.

Content production training, content production strategy, content strategy

18- Expressing the contents part by part

In the web world, the audience is not supposed to sit down and read your content like a long novel; when a user is reading a novel, he does not expect the author of that novel to convey concepts and sentences to you quickly. You sit patiently and spend a lot of time reading the story of that book.

But this is not the case in today’s web world; People who want to get answers to their questions through Google want this process to be done as quickly as possible.

Therefore, try to shorten the length of your sentences and paragraphs so that the audience has a faster mental analysis of what you want to express. Sentences that are not optimal in terms of editing and are too long, subconsciously divert the user’s mind from the main topic.

19- Importance of introduction in content production

We all know that the introduction of a text or even the beginning of a speech is considered one of its difficult parts. You cannot go to the main topic at once; You have to make an introduction slowly and based on certain principles and prepare the audience to finally enter the main discussion of the content of your website. Now, it is clear that if you quickly present all that you want to include in the content at the beginning of the speech, the user will be confused and may decide to leave the site at the very beginning.

Your website is not a history book where the user sits and reads one by one the lines that you have produced without any principles. For this reason, you should spend a lot of time to surprise the user at the very beginning of your article and communicate with him in such a way that he subconsciously imagines that he is going to read the most important topic of his life in this content.

20- Imagination in content production

You must have come across content that nailed you with an exciting start. Based on the experience we have gained in an educational website like Neoseo, those types of content that start by presenting a brief story and start addressing the main topic, have had much better feedback than other content.

As a result, if you have the art of writing and story writing, you should make the most of it; Because few people can do this in the best possible way. Try to use literary arrays as long as it does not harm the text of your content. Of course, be careful that every word has a place and every point has a place! You can’t speak in an article that is about the specialized repair of the air conditioner condenser or use the metaphor array. However, if you can respect your limits in such specialized content, you can provide dynamic and energetic training to your audience, which will increase people’s interaction with your business in the future.

21- The importance of writing, editing, and readability in the content

There is nothing worse than that you, who are supposed to provide an answer to the problem of your users in the content of your site, have a problem in your writing in terms of Persian grammar rules. Many people immediately leave the page just because they see such problems in the text of the content.

Unfortunately, one of the most common problems seen in our texts is the mismatch between the subject and the verb in terms of number.

“The contents of the site are very important” This is an example of the problem that, as you can see, the subject is plural and the verb is singular. If you don’t know or forget about such issues, the best way is to quickly search for them on Google so that the correct example will be displayed for you.

One of the problems that many of us are dealing with is that we don’t know which letters to stick together and which to write separately. Let me put your mind at ease; This issue has no importance in terms of content SEO; The only place where you should pay attention to capitalization is keywords. The process is that you have to see which words your target users use most to search; If they prefer website to website, so should you. But based on the tips of content production training and Persian language rules, it is better to prioritize separate writing (except for key phrases that depend on the user).

22- Write fluently!

In general, the easier your article is to read, the better. As we all know, in our country, few people like to study. If you’ve read this far, be proud of yourself!

This has shown us that the simpler and more fluent the written text of our content and avoid using difficult sentences, the better it is for the audience and the more users stay on the site page.

Unless the subject you have to create content about is very specific and specialized, in which case, simple writing is not only not a problem, but an advantage.

Many online tools can be used to understand which part of the desired content is not simple and fluent, But the problem is that these tools do not support the Persian language! We hope that a day will come when such a tool will be provided by the sympathizers of the online content production industry.

23- Not publishing additional content without a specific structure

You should never publish content on your website that you do not know about. In general, if you reach a part of your content that you do not know, for example, how to use grammar, you should not continue with the process of creating your content without knowing. The first thing to do in these situations is to search on Google.

What reference is better than Google???

You can see any question you have in any field in the Google search engine and find the best answers for it. Today, Google is not the same as in the early years of its activity. The updates that this search engine has made in its ranking algorithm have caused the best and most high-quality pages of the sites to be in the top ranks. As a result, don’t worry that the answer you find to your problem is not correct.

Content production training, content production strategy, content strategy

24- Using a dictionary

Why do you think you should continue the content creation process of your website with the same structure you know? Fortunately, the Persian language is full of beautiful words. As a result, be sure to include this work in your plans; It means using a dictionary. Most of us think we know all the words; If you take a look at the Persian dictionary, you will realize that there are words that you can use in your content, articles, and writings that will completely differentiate you from your competitors.

In no way should you overdo it; Your audience should not be bothered to read your content.

25- Lengthening sentences are prohibited!

You should never say long yellow fruit instead of banana! Always remember that you are not going to fill out an exam paper or use poetry and metaphors. Users like short sentences; So don’t make your content too long.

Unfortunately, many content producers make your articles unnecessarily long because they get paid by the word, which is a kind of fraud; So if you have ordered content production, be careful.

It is better to give an example in this field;

  1. SEO is very important for webmasters.
  2. SEO and website optimization are very important for managers of many Iranian and foreign websites.

You see, a content producer can use the second sentence instead of using sentence 1 in his content text, which is very simple, fluent, and understandable, to increase the number of words in his content. If you use this content creation training page and become a skilled web writer, don’t ever do this to your clients.

26- Do not edit your content yourself

One of the actions that content production specialists take is that after writing their content text, they do not personally check the intended content in terms of compliance with spelling and writing rules. They leave it to someone else. According to experience, when a person writes a text, he does not understand its problems; For this reason, Niseo’s suggestion to you is that you must not edit your content personally, or if you do, observe the time interval between production and review. The best interval is about one to two hours. During this interval, your brain has rested and distanced itself from the topic of the desired content. For this reason, it easily detects mistakes that you would not notice at first glance.

27- Increase your knowledge by reading

Fortunately, today, no one can claim that they do not have the right platform for studying and acquiring knowledge. Because with a simple Google search, you can analyze thousands of articles. This is also true for content creation. Especially if you want to always produce and publish SEO content.

A content creation expert must be up-to-date in all respects. He must collect information from all the updates that are implemented in the search engine algorithm and finally update his content writing principles. With this mechanism, you can be sure that you will always produce and publish the best and highest quality content.

28- Have a content calendar

The purpose of creating a content calendar is to plan for content production. If you want to organize your content production and work professionally, you need to have a written or digital content calendar. Being clear about the content production plan can be very useful for working on any platform. Whether for the website, Instagram, and more.

In the content calendar, there should be things such as content publication date, content category, content topic, keywords, content type, etc. Publishing content regularly and according to a schedule can gain users’ trust, in addition, search engines also like publishing content regularly for various reasons, such as reducing the workload of their crawlers. Also, having a content calendar can greatly reduce the time spent on content creation.

29- Updating the links in the content

If you want to become a content creation expert, you should know that internal content links are extremely useful for improving the SEO process of your site. Internal linking makes the time a user stays on your website longer than usual, which over time can help you get more traffic from Google.

We suggest that you go back to your old articles and check the links that have been posted; Most likely, most of them are not created according to the principles of internal linking. For example, wrong anchor texts may have been used in the process of using them, and you should solve this problem immediately.


Content update training

Maybe many people don’t know, But what Google ranks is actually “value”. Google checks how much a piece of content has been shared and how many other websites have mentioned it. This is where Google’s crawler says to itself that this produced content must provide good value to users and has good input. So I better put it in my top ranks. Let me tell you briefly; The amount of traffic to your site is the most important thing that makes you rank among the top ranks of Google.

So, spend as much time as you can on the content you have produced, update their content, share them on social networks, and most importantly, create backlinks for them. In this case, the value of your produced content will increase hundreds of times. Please do not simply skip this issue; This was one of the most important points of the content production training provided to you.

How to update old articles

In the continuation of the content creation tutorial, we fully explain how to update old articles:

Find the data needed to update

For this, we suggest two solutions:

  1. You need to know with which keywords your website has input or for which keywords your website needs optimization and SEO. For this, it is enough to find these data from different sections of the Google search console or tools such as Google Analytics.
  2. Find money-making keywords. These words are the things that users search for and want to buy that product. For example, at the time of Corona, “buying a 3-layer mask” was searched a lot. The main goal of users was to buy a 3-layer mask and not look for information in any way. This is itself a money-making keyword.

Find the right pages to update

Once you’ve collected all of this data in a spreadsheet, it’s time to analyze it. Here are some page types to look out for:

  • Pages with high traffic but low conversion
  • Pages with low traffic but high conversions
  • Pages with former popular content

Update your keyword research

Keyword research is the cornerstone of any SEO strategy. Here’s how to find new keywords for your content:

  • Go to the performance report in Google Search Console.
  • Click on the filter rows icon, select its position, and enter the number 21.
  • Click on the search terms that appear and then select Pages to see which pages are displayed in their search.

Analyze search intent

In addition to identifying the ideal keywords, you must also understand the search intent. This is an important factor in how Google ranks content. Users search for a phrase in Google for different purposes. Each field of work of its users searches for its keywords in Google with a specific purpose.

Improve your titles

Improving the headlines of old articles has a great impact on SEO and attracting readers. The first part that users encounter in Google search results is the title of the content or page. If this title is not attractive and audience-friendly, it will receive fewer clicks than an attractive title.

Update the content

Detailed data: Check if it has been updated since the last time you posted it and if there is any new research or information.

Broken links: Make sure your outgoing links to recent pages are available. This removes broken links which are a bad factor for SEO.

Grammar, spelling, and writing: checking the grammar, spelling, and formatting of old articles has a great impact on SEO.

Internal Links: Now is the time to link from your old content to authentic content if necessary.

Improving internal SEO of old content

Make sure your old content is optimized with all the SEO content principles. Optimizing an old page based on SEO principles is one of the most important steps you should take to update the content.

Improved call to action page

If your content is old, likely, the calls to action you include are not up to date either. Your call to action should match the motivation of your searchers. One of the best ways is to check the keywords of your pages.

Update the post date

Finally, before exiting updated content, take a moment to update its date. In WordPress, you can do this within the editor.

All of these actions that were mentioned in this part of the content creation training are the things that we did in updating the old content of Neoseo and we got amazing results.


Copy content recognition methods

One of the content production training is the ability to recognize copy content. A content creation expert may be the manager of a content creation team, so he must be able to distinguish duplicate content from unique content; Because many of the contents provided by the team may have been written in a rewriting method, in which case there is a possibility of the content being copied. The best methods for detecting copy content are as follows:

  • Using Google: You can easily check a part of the content that you intend to copy, put it in the Google search box and search for it, then enter the results and compare its content with your original content and check Check if the content is copied or not.
  • Use tools: There are websites with online tools that can distinguish duplicate content from unique content, although it is worth noting that some of them have a high error rate. These tools are offered on websites such as SearchEngineReports and DupliChecker.


Choosing the best SEO tools

You can get a lot of SEO data about your website for free using the many tools out there. But the important thing is, what should you do with this data????

In other words, you should use tools to check and analyze your website’s SEO that will show you exactly what problems your website pages have in terms of SEO and suggest how you can eliminate these problems. take. Some of the tools that exist in this field all they do are bombard you with a lot of data, and in the end, you may end up developing an optimization strategy based on a large amount of data. Change your website and end up with a lot of problems.

We suggest that if you have just thought about optimizing your website professionally, SEMrush will undoubtedly be the best tool. The SEMrush tool provides you with a lot of information about your site’s SEO, But all this information can be easily understood and also the transfer of this data to other platforms happens easily in this tool.

Just enter your website address in SEMrush right now; Unique information such as the number of backlinks you have, for which keywords you have ranked and traffic, the value and importance of keywords used on your site, etc. are among the practical and useful things that you should use. Take your site’s SEO quality to a higher level.


The best sources of Iranian and foreign content production

Before introducing the top sites for content creation, we must point out that all these sites are for your inspiration, not to copy the content, so try to write your unique text with their help:

Science Direct site

One of the best sources of content for people who want to work in scientific fields is the English site Science Direct. If you have a good level of English and can understand scientific articles in English well, be sure to visit this site.

On this site, you can find the content or article you want based on the author’s name or keyword related to your desired topic or a specific title. Of course, this resource is more suitable for university students and professors.

Bored Panda site

This site is similar to Nemanak Farsi, which produces much interesting and attractive content in various fields such as cooking, culture and art, sports, entertainment, etc. Even though the site is in English, the way it is written is very easy and understandable, and even people with an average language level can use it.

One of the most attractive parts of this source of content production is the Trending page. By referring to this section, you can see the trending topics and articles of the day and use them to generate ideas for your blog section.


The best and most powerful resource for teaching content creation and SEO is the English site BuzzSumo. Many content experts are often looking for tools to find keywords and other SEO tips, BuzzSumo is a great resource for finding the right keywords.

BuzzSumo is a tool that provides services in the field of content production, such as finding interesting and trending topics, easier research among different sources of content production, etc. Unfortunately, this tool has no special use for Iranian sites and Persian keywords, but you can use the categories in the blog section of this website and generate ideas.

If you are looking for interesting and practical topics, you can use the blog section of this resource and generate ideas. One of the most interesting things that this group has done is introducing ideas to users in the form of content with the topic “20 content creation ideas for the field of interior decoration”.


Another good content creation site is Hubspot, which makes SEO easier for users. Using this site, you can check your content in terms of SEO and fix its problems. This website has provided training in the field of SEO, and activity on various social networks such as Instagram, YouTube, etc. for free.

Of course, the main purpose of this website to provide free content is to introduce its practical tools to users. Tools to increase sales, optimize the site and provide better services to users.

You can get ideas from this website in the following areas:

  • Online and face-to-face sales training
  • Digital marketing training
  • Website design and optimization (SEO)
  • Teaching social networks

Moz site

The best foreign site in the field of teaching content creation and SEO along with attractive ideas for creating content in the field of digital marketing is the great moz website. The title of this site is SEO Software for Smarter Marketing. If you know a little about SEO and various site optimization tools, you know that Maz is an SEO tool that has great applications in this field of SEO optimization.

You have two ways to generate ideas from the Maze site:

You can also subscribe to this tool and extract the keywords of your field from competing sites and get a lot of content creation ideas for your site.

You can also use the blog section of our site. The blog section of this site has up-to-date articles on SEO and content creation and is a great resource for content creation training.

Creative Bak ICT

For many years, the Webpaucity blog site has been active in various fields such as SEO training, content production training, social network training, internet marketing, etc., and with the keywords of these training, it is one of the top links on Google.

You can get interesting ideas for the above topics by visiting the blog section of this site.

Most of the Newseo articles are updated at different intervals. This means that all the content presented on this site is updated and new.

Wikipedia (Wiki pedia)

One of the sites that are often referred to for any topic is the famous Wikipedia site. This site provides you with a source for just about anything you can think of, and there’s hardly a topic that Wikipedia doesn’t cover. The links to the sites used by Wikipedia are at the bottom of each page.

The writing style of Wikipedia articles is quite simple and fluent. You can find out about the history of various subjects and things and use it to generate ideas for the content of your blog site.

Don’t forget that if you want to get more and of course, better content from this site, be sure to use the English version of this site.

Wikihow _

Wikiho is one of the reliable references that can be relied on for content writing on other sites. This external site has a function similar to Wikipedia, but with the difference that most of the articles on this site teach you the technique and skill of doing a task.

For example, you can find interesting practical and step-by-step content for the following topics:

  • How to repair my mobile phone?
  • How do I move the refrigerator?
  • How do I install Instagram?
  • How do I install certain software?
  • How do I change the air conditioner filter?
  • And…

How-to instructions you can trust are written in the title description of this website. This means that all the articles and instructions on this site are completely valid and practical.


Implementation of SEO best practices

Do not forget that you should use your target keywords and related items as much as possible and not harm the user experience. For example, in addition to the text of the content, you should use places such as URLs, H tags, meta descriptions, and … also use the desired keyword (in English, of course).

If your website is WordPress, the Yoast plugin can help you implement this plan. For example, by filling the focal keyword field in this plugin, you can avoid problems such as repeating the target keyword of that page with other pages or not using the keyword in the meta description of that page, etc. Undoubtedly, these items are one of the most important points that should be mentioned in all content creation courses and classes.


SEO content and content production job market

Content creation and SEO have become one of the most popular jobs today and many people are making money from them. If you have just become familiar with this profession and want to have more comprehensive information about the job market of content SEO and content production, stay with us in this part of content production training.

Even though this job is new in Iran, these days we see many people who earn money from it and even compared to other hard jobs, sometimes they have very good incomes. In general, the income of an SEO depends on the work he has to do and the level of his skill.

In addition, the job market of content production is divided into several branches, each of which has its conditions, and of course, their salaries will be different from each other. In general, we can divide the people who are active in this field into 3 categories:

  1. Freelance SEO
  2. Seokar has a private company or team
  3. Employed SEO in the company

The first category is freelance SEO, a person who accepts short-term projects and receives his salary after the completion of the project. The income of this group depends on the amount agreed on the project, which is from 5 million to 50 million.

In general, as a freelancer, the amount of your monthly income depends on how smart you are, as well as your skill and persistence. One of the advantages of freelancing SEO content production is that if you have a very good level of English, you can also collaborate with foreign sites.

You can see these projects on sites like Jabinja, Punisha, etc. Now we come to the second category, which is, SEO experts who have formed an SEO team of people with different abilities and receive projects.

The income of the owners of content production and freelance companies will not be less than 10 million tomans a month, even if there are companies that earn more than 500 million tomans a month. But you should note that reaching such incomes requires very good knowledge and experience.

And finally, we come to the income of employed SEOs in companies. The income of this category is between 8 to more than 20 million tomans per month, which depends on the city, company, and also SEO person. Of course, if you search on sites like Divar, you may see the suggested salaries of 2 or 3 million.

This issue is due to the employer’s lack of knowledge about the job and what SEO is. To find projects and work, try to visit reliable and specialized sites like Jabinja to find reasonable and real projects.


Who is a content production expert and what skills does he have?

Maybe this question has been created for many people, who is a content production specialist, or what are his duties? Here we must say that the person who is hired to write and create content is a content production specialist. Therefore, a content creation expert must have the ability to write, edit, advertise, etc. The person who is chosen as a content production expert must have a good understanding of SEO tips to be able to expand your activities well.

Content creation expert skills

The content production job is considered one of the jobs that require knowledge and creativity in writing, that is, the ability to create quality and unique content that attracts the audience to the website content. In the following, we will tell you the skills of a content production expert.

Writing ability: One of the most important features that a content creator should have is the ability to write. It means that every person who is engaged in content production should be able to easily write texts up to four thousand words. These contents should be written in a way that does not confuse the users and on the other hand, they are interested in reading them. A content creation expert has to write various articles throughout the day. To write unique and interesting articles, the only practice you can have is to write and repeat. By writing many articles and editing them, you can fix the problems you have.

Familiarity with the rules of the Persian language: another characteristic that a writer or content production expert must have is to be familiar with the rules and structure of the Persian language. Observing the structure of the Persian language in the text of content production makes you provide quality content to the users. Observing the rules of the language is considered important for content production, on the one hand, correcting common spelling mistakes in writing is important on the other hand, which means that you should avoid using spelling errors. do it

Fast typing ability: content production experts must have many skills, among which fast typing and ten fingers are very important. Of course, it should be mentioned that some people, even though they haven’t learned how to type with 10 fingers, can easily produce a lot of content in a very short period. The power of fast typing is recognized as a necessary and mandatory thing for content production forces, of course, be careful not to use copy texts while typing and not violate copyright laws.

Familiarity with design software: As it was said, content is not only written texts but also images and videos are considered as content. Google considers content without photos as low-quality content, and users will avoid reading content without photos because it is not attractive to them.

Familiarity with SEO and content optimization: as mentioned above, a content production expert must try to increase the rank of your website, so a content production force must be well acquainted with SEO issues and create content. Produce that Google pays special attention to, and also uses the created content in ranking the website. SEO issues are very complex, but if you look at it from a general perspective, you can easily optimize your content, and when creating content, you should focus on textual content and photos, but using You can increase the quality of your content from video and audio content.

Ability to write advertisements: One of the most important abilities that a content production expert must have is the ability to write advertisement-oriented content. People who create a website for their business intend to introduce their products to people and gain a large audience as customers.