The concept of URL Shortening is an alternative and short translation of URL (Uniform Resource Locator) to make it shorter and easier.

The definition of short links or URL shorteners can be expressed as follows: It is a tool that performs the process of shortening links and converts the long address into the form that the user wants.

What is a link shortener?

The original link-shortening service TinyURL was founded in 2002 by Kevin Gilbertson with the goal of making links easier. TinyURL’s popularity continues, and other popular link shorteners have been developed, such as Bitly and Goo. gl from Google and from GoDaddy, which are widely used.

Reasons to use link shorteners

The tendency to shorten links is for various reasons. Long links in the text may make them difficult to read and explain and may be broken or lost due to the presence of special characters such as spaces, etc., which prevent them from linking correctly. Although most e-mail clients today can handle long links just fine, the use and popularity of shortened links are increasing due to social media sites, especially Twitter, which limit text to less than one character. Is.

Although URL shortening services provide users with convenient features such as the ability to customize shortened links and track Internet traffic, some security analyses have shown that using third-party services adds an additional risk factor as the only way It shows confidence in security. It is a certified self-service.

Also, short links do not provide any clues about the destination they are taking users to, as they can be used to redirect to viral content. Adding this character allows someone to hover over the link and see the page you’re directed to.

If you’re new to social media marketing, here’s some information on traditional URL links:

  • Sometimes it may be impractical.
  • It may be long.
  • It can be a bit complicated.
  • May not be traceable at times.

How to shorten links

Fortunately, there are plenty of great URL shorteners out there, including the local networks and control panels we use every day, and some pretty cool URL shorteners, including full analytics and saving anything. that we shorten, There is

Some of the most popular URL shortening services include,, and goo. gl,, and, each with its own pros and cons.

There are different types of services and websites that are designed for this purpose and you can easily get a new and shortened link from that website by entering your URL address and use it in advertisements and other purposes that you have in mind. use

Each website manages this operation for you with its own scenario and algorithms, and it may be possible to choose a short link for you as an option to personalize the short link or randomly. The website will generate a short link for you.

For these services (and for URL shortening in general) our URLs are replaced with a new domain (e.g. changes to and a permalink with a string of numbers and/or letters like is replaced. best-website-design-articles will change to Permalink: of using a link shortener/‎.

Features of using a link shortener

There are advantages that professional users use these shorteners, especially during advertising campaigns, which we mention A few:

Easy addressing

When you use,, and other shortening platforms, you not only get a short, clean, and tidy URL, but on all the URLs you have shortened, yes, you can see an overall statistic. You will also have clicks.

Instead of sending long links, which are sometimes difficult to write in text messages and on mobile phones, you can use a shortened link with several characters and type it easily.

Advanced and convenient reports

Some of these services allow you to follow the behavior of users with your links and will provide you with statistical information and practical reports on how users deal with the link in a dashboard.

In addition to these shorteners, there are many social networks and social media that provide you with this service as a built-in. Dashboards that provide a way to automatically shorten long titles. Like Twitter, if you carefully share a link on it, it will turn your link into a short link, and when you click on it, Twitter itself will open with the domain, and then you will be redirected to the destination link. he does.

The purpose of doing this is to save and collect statistical information about the user’s behavior regarding your link.

Control and segregation of inputs

Although there are advanced Analytics tools for this task that do this separation well by sending parameters, but shorteners are the easiest and most accessible way to use for this purpose.

For example, you have a running campaign that is managed on 4 different platforms. You can create a separate short link for each campaign so that you can easily separate and optimize the entries.