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20 specialized SEO techniques in 2023

SEO techniques in 2023

SEO techniques are the best and fastest methods that can be used to increase the rank of a website. If you intend to improve the ranking of all pages of your site, we suggest that you use the most specialized SEO techniques presented in this article in your work process.

There are many, many factors that you should pay attention to; From content to backlinks. As a result, it is natural that you have to have a considerable amount of patience for these SEO techniques to give you the desired result. But when you use the following SEO techniques, you can easily outrank your competitors.

20 specialized SEO techniques in 2023

These techniques are derived from our experiences in various SEO projects. We will review each of these techniques for you below:

1- Writing long articles

For a long time, SEO experts have emphasized the importance of the quality of the content you produce. There is no doubt that one of the most important factors in improving your search rankings is content. Therefore, you can never completely ignore content length.

Long yet conceptually deep articles that cover a wide range of topics can help you rank higher. To understand the exact relationship between the length of the content and its effect on increasing the site’s rank, Neoseo has conducted research in this field. In this research, more than one million searches were analyzed. The important point that we got from these statistics was that almost all the first to third ranks had contents of more than 1500 words.

This method is only one of the SEO solutions and does not guarantee success by itself. Naturally, you shouldn’t expect long articles to magically increase your post’s rank in search rankings. Anyway, content length is one of the best SEO techniques and the issue that should be observed in their case is to create a balance between content quantity and quality.

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2- Using the Bucket Brigade technique

SEO is not only about keywords and how to place them. When users visit your website, two things can happen. They may continue reading your articles or leave your website immediately. The latter is a big problem that can negatively affect your website’s page rank.

If you want your search rankings to improve, you need to ensure that visitors spend more time on your website. A simple way to do this is to format your content compellingly. By using the Bucket Brigade technique, you can make them inclined to continue reading the article you want. Bucket Brigade is a writing technique that can encourage your readers to stay on your site.

When you are writing an article, you must make sure that the flow of your writing is smooth. Ideally, each sentence should lead to the next. Similarly, each paragraph should prepare the readers for the next related topic. You can connect the contents by using some short sentences at the end of your sentences. Be careful that this case, like other SEO solutions, requires a lot of attention and precision, and the quality of the text of the site’s content should not decrease.

3- Updating old contents

To get the most out of the content, the best SEO method in this field is to update the old content of your website. For example, let’s assume that two years ago you published content about SEO techniques or the introduction of the best SEO solutions for your site. Naturally, two years ago, Google made important updates to its ranking algorithm. As a result, the best thing is to create a list of such content and update the information on all of them. After updating the information on these educational contents, you should optimize them well according to the new ranking factors.

This SEO technique is an easy way to get more content in less time. Also, this technique can help your site posts reach a wider audience. You will see a good rank increase for some updated posts.

4- Building high-quality backlinks

When websites with high domain authority link to your website, your credibility will increase. Quality backlinks can give you more value than your competitors. For search engines, quality backlinks are equivalent to increasing confidence.

So, when you have a lot of quality backlinks, you are more likely to rank higher in the SERPs. This is one of the most important SEO techniques that can directly affect your website’s ranking.

By using guest posts and effective collaboration with social network activists, you can get quality backlinks. Sometimes, other websites may even link to your website without your request. This is not a problem for you unless link spam or untrusted websites are involved. As a result, it is very important to analyze all the incoming links to your website.

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5- Conducting keyword research correctly

Before finalizing your content creation ideas, you should spend some time researching and finding the right keywords for you. Keyword research is an easy way to find out what people are searching for. Based on this, you can be more relevant to your contacts.

If you use the right keywords, you have a better chance of getting higher rankings. For keyword research, you can use search engine tools such as KWfinder, Moz Keyword Explorer, or Google Keyword Planner. Of course, the services of these keyword research tools are limited and you have to pay a fee to remove this limitation.

6- Important points about choosing keywords

Suppose you have a website and you intend to make a part of it available to users as a store. To advance this goal, you must put content on your website and introduce products to users, and you must use appropriate keywords in this content. Now, what points should we pay attention to as SEO techniques to choose keywords for important pages? In the following, we fully examine this issue:

Study about the business: When you start designing a website, you have a business in mind that you are thinking of expanding, so you need to have information in that field. As your knowledge increases, you can come up with better ideas. By researching your work, you can get to know the users’ needs and make better decisions.

Identifying goals: For keyword research, you need to consider what exactly your business is aiming for, or what is the topic of your website. What should you do on the website? All of these questions have appropriate answers that you can find suitable keywords for.

Knowing the audience: you have to put yourself in the shoes of the users and create an idea in your mind of what they need, for example, a person who owns a restaurant, if he wants to expand his business, should think about the keywords that Put a lot of research into your website, because people searching the internet can find your website with keywords.

Preparing a list of keywords: Another thing that can be done in keyword research is to put the keywords you are considering in a list and choose the best one among them.

Using Google tools: Google Adwords is one of the tools that can be used for advertising on Google. In this tool from Google, there is another tool called keyword planner, in which you can put a list of prepared words, in this way you will find out in what time frames these words have been used and finally the result will be put in front of you and categorize important keywords for you.

SEO for internal pages: The way to use keywords is that you should not use them all on one page, but you should prepare separate content for each keyword, especially if you use your keywords on different topics. you have chosen So, as one of the SEO techniques, you should know which words to use for which page.

Keyword Research Update: Most likely, when you are choosing keywords, you are worried about choosing the best ones, but we must say that you can add new keywords to the page at any time. There are statistics that by installing them on the site, you can find out what words the users use for searching on the site. With this, you will find more suitable keywords and you can use them to optimize the site in the future.

Competitor review: You may think you’ve performed the best when it comes to keyword research, but you can only be sure you’re performing well when you measure your competition. You should do a lot of research on your competitors. By identifying your competitors, you can also find important keywords.

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7- Website analysis in different time frames

One of the best SEO solutions is to constantly analyze the optimization process of your website. It may take some time to identify your weaknesses and improve those that need improvement. Timely SEO analysis of your website can help you a lot in getting ahead of your competitors.

SEO analysis, which is undoubtedly one of the most effective SEO techniques, actually gives you the insight to make the most of your website’s current state. This category of site SEO solutions may seem a bit simple; But with a simple check, you will find that most webmasters neglect to do them.

8- Don’t forget cannibalization!

Keyword cannibalization happens when the information architecture of a website relies on a single keyword or phrase in different parts of the site. We also mentioned in the SEO tutorial that while this may happen unintentionally, having a bunch of pages targeting the same keyword can be a pain.

It can also happen when you don’t respect Google’s guidelines about keyword stuffing on multiple pages. Most of the time, the goal of keyword stuffing strategies is to rank for a specific phrase.

As one of the SEO techniques, you should know that if several pages want to rank for the same term, Google does not know which page is more suitable for a specific query.

Google will crawl your site and find dozens of different pages for the same keyword, But it should choose one of the pages that seem to have the most value for the search term. If you were expecting to gain SEO with this strategy and get your entire website ranked higher thanks to this keyword, you’re out of luck. Plus, you’re missing out on other great SEO opportunities, including:

Conversion Rate: Why waste time on different pages with the same goal when one of these pages converts better? You should focus your efforts on one of these pages, rather than spending energy on low-converting versions with the same traffic.

Content quality: If you are targeting multiple pages with the same keyword, they should also be about the same topic. What you risk is duplicate content and poor-quality content, and you reduce your chances of getting referrals and links.

Inline anchor text: If you are targeting different pages with the same topic, you increase the chance of losing the value of inline anchor text on the same page.

External Links: External links can increase the SEO value of a page targeting a keyword. However, if you have different pages that address the same keywords, your external links will be split between different landing pages. So you share the external link value between different pages instead of concentrating it on one.

9- Basic internal linking

Some of the points in the field of SEO are less popular than some managers and SEO specialists, and many site managers are unaware of them or do not pay enough attention to them. The use of internal linking in optimizing the site and increasing its ranking is one of these issues that many are unaware of.

In general, the types of links that exist on a site indicate their importance and value to Google. Google tries to create a good user experience for its users, and for this reason, it has great obsession and sensitivity in choosing sites for the first results page.

By using link building, whether internal or external, you understand to Google that the content of your site is of high value and Google can display it as one of the first ten results. Next, we will examine what internal linking is and how we can make the best use of it as one of the most important SEO techniques.

The use of internal linking in websites is to link different pages to each other. For example, let’s say you have a content creation training site and you publish training materials daily, sometimes it happens that to start teaching a subject, a person must have prior knowledge.

Since repeating a topic on the site is prohibited by SEO rules, you should not restate what you have already explained. In this case, you simply create an internal link and connect it to the page where the tutorial is located.

The point in this regard is that many webmasters and site managers do not pay much attention to internal links and may use them very little. This will increase your chances of getting ahead of your competitors and you can improve your site’s ranking much more easily.

The importance of internal links on the site: Now we come to examine the importance of links and why we emphasize them so much on their use.

Valuing the pages of the site: When you use internal links to link different pages of your site, you show Google that you have a planned site with good-quality content. Of course, you should note that the linked page must be related to the topic you are discussing so that its value can be clearly defined.

Easier indexing: The use of internal linking is not only in increasing the site’s rank and improving its SEO, but it is also a great help to the crawlers that index the various pages of the site. Google itself has stated that the crawlers find and index its pages through the links on the sites.

Increasing the depth of visitors’ clicks: Another advantage of internal links is increasing the depth of visitors’ clicks and reducing the bounce rate. When you introduce other content of the site in your content, the audience will visit that page to get more information and it will reduce the bounce rate.

Increasing users’ interest in the site:  Finally, with internal linking, you can attract the interest and attention of users and make them loyal and regular customers.

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10- Important tips for sitemap optimization

In this section, as one of the SEO techniques, we are going to explain to you the important points that you must know to optimize the site map.

A sitemap is a list of all the pages on a website. In other words, the site map means a complete and comprehensive plan and diagram of the website. This design allows search engine crawlers to find, review, and index the content of various pages.

In general, there are four general categories of sitemaps:

  1. Normal XML sitemap: This type of sitemap is the most common and widely used type of sitemap.
  2. Video sitemap: This sitemap is used to help the search engine understand the video content on the page.
  3. News sitemap: This type of sitemap helps the search engine to find content approved for the news section of the search engine on the site pages.
  4. Image sitemap: This type of sitemap helps the search engine to find all the images on the website.

You should note that there are certain factors and steps when making a site map, paying attention to them will provide the site with a good site map. These steps are:

Step 1: Review the structure of the pages: The first thing to do in the field of creating a site map is to review the content on the site and how this content is structured. The heart of any structure is the home page of that website. But one thing that should not be forgotten is that not all pages are equally important from the point of view of SEO. For this reason, the hierarchy of the pages on the site should be recognized based on their importance. Keep in mind that a well-structured website is a structure that allows you to access any page of the website with a maximum of 3 clicks.

Step 2. Coding for URLs: After specifying the importance of the pages and the fit of this importance with the structure of the site, it is the turn of coding for URLs. The way to do this is through the use of XML tags in URLs. Keep in mind that this coding is a delicate task that requires a lot of attention.

Step . Code Validation: There is always a possibility of mistakes or errors during manual coding, but if you want the sitemap to function properly, you must be sure that the written codes are free of any errors. Fortunately, some tools help in code validation.

Step . Adding the sitemap to the root and robots.txt: Specifying the root folder of the website and adding the sitemap to this folder is one of the important steps that should not be forgotten. This will add the sitemap page to the website. Adding the sitemap to robots.txt will also provide the necessary instructions for indexing the site content for search engine crawlers and thus facilitate this task.

Step 5. Registration of the site map: now is the time to register this map in search engines, especially Google. The point that you should pay attention to in this field is the possibility of free site registration in Google and as a result, registering the site map in this search engine. This possibility is an opportunity provided by Google to make it easier for site administrators. To register a sitemap, you must go to your site’s Google search console and register the map in the sitemaps section.

Suggestion: If you cannot go through the above steps professionally, you can create this map using tools such as Yoast SEO WordPress plugin or other SEO plugins and then register it in your site’s search console.


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